Feline Fun

There are four (4) cats in a boat, and one (1) jumped out. How many cats are left in the boat?

Solution: None, it is clearly said that 4 cats in a boat, one jumped off, since cats and humans are all copycats, the rest 3 cats and anyone who are humans also jumped off the boat.  We care about the moment, thus there in zero cats left in the boat.

Debbie and Bananz have correct answers.

The rest are well reasoned, and I enjoy the fun discussing this with you.  Thank U for the participation!

Happy Sunday 2 U all!

U R The Best!

44 thoughts on “Feline Fun

  1. Well there are still four in the boat. A matter of the tense of the verbs. The four ARE (present tense) and the one DID (past tense). There WERE five and now there ARE four.

  2. Jingle 4 cats are still in the boat. The word “ARE” gave it away. Present tense. You didn’t say “There were four cats in the boat.” If I am wrong, I can say that I tried. LOL

  3. Guys,
    I can tell that u r all confused, the answer is not 4, not 5, not 3, please guess and think more…
    think about human nature, what common words u say about cats and human…

    Good Luck!
    I will wait until at least one correct answer is out from one of you.
    keep trying or thinking!
    love your comments.

  4. Well, I was going to say 4 cats are still in the boat, because one (a kitten) jumped out… and then I read your comment and am completely stumped. Way to confuse us.

  5. Well since cat’s hate water I’m thinking there owner jumped in and so there are 4 again in that boat! 😀 😀 I’ll check back I want to see who got this???

  6. The mystery to this question is over. Who would have though about
    “Copycats” and Jingle so cleavely gave us a hint to the answer when she said, “Try not to (copy) the answer from previous blogger unless you are absolutely sure about it.” That is so cool how you slipped the answer into that statement. So all the copycats jumped out behind the one leaving none. Good job in fooling us Jingle. This was fun, but drove my 63 year old mind crazy. LOL

  7. Hello, everyone who joined the Feline Fun:

    I have put up the correct solution out along the post.
    Hope that u r convinced!
    I value your time and enjoyed your input.
    The final solution shall not discourage anyone of u, I hope that u all have a Happy Monday!

    Best Regards.
    From Jingle

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