A Message for Soul Dose (A Copy of Doraz’s Post)

Soul Dose has been fighting an illness, and she is feeling lost right now. She has exhausted all of her options in South Africa, where she lives now with her family. In my opinion, she needs to seek a charitable foundation in this world of ours, that will take on her illness…and find some answers for her. Her family resources are limited and almost depleted. If ANYONE knows of ANY PLACE that can HELP ,Soul Dose PLEASE go to her blog, and pass it on. I am going to start looking on the internet for her to see what I can find. YOUR LOVE AND COMPASSION IN THIS MATTER IS DEEPLY APPRECIATED.


This post is entriely copyed from Luisa Doraz

(see link at : http://dorazsays.wordpress.com/2010/02/27/a-message-from-souldose/) in efforts to help Soul Dose, a new blogging friend who needs support.

If you know any charity or organization that might be helpful for this blessed person, please visit her blog and offer her the needed information. thank U in advance.

I am very foreign about such stuff, thus I have applied Doraz’s words so that NO mistake is made.

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16 thoughts on “A Message for Soul Dose (A Copy of Doraz’s Post)

  1. yes this is sad for the girl, it would be helpful if the right group is found, be sure everyone will do their very best for her 🙂

    as for u dear, hello, my family took me out for a surprise birthday dinner this evening, awe was really nice, although my birthday is officially Sunday, so thats why I am late xx

  2. Oh this just tugs at the heart. I’m thinking of all the charities I know and wondering which could help.
    I will whisper prayers too. Prayers can move others even before we think.

  3. My sister is in bed in a lot of pain but she insists I find her blogging friends and thank them, I’m doing it with pleasure but I’m trying to show you the person she is. On behalf of the Ntuli family we’d like to thank you for your generous heart, you will never know how much this means to us but I pray Slindy will be thanking you herself soon.
    God bless you.

  4. Hey Jingle thank you so much for this, your heart is good and pure. The people I’ve met through blogging are so kind and it humbles me to know people like you, it’s an honor.

    @ Brian Miller – I went to your site but couldn’t leave a message because I don’t have the required accounts but thank you very much for your comment and visit.

    @ Purplehatter – I visit your blog overtime I’m online because I love your art so much. I never comment because I don’t have a WordPress account but your drawings are simply marvellous.

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