Family Fridays

Hello, How R U?

It is time for Family Fridays Amy@Keeping up with the Schultz Family

Please share a story of your family members and link it up at Amy’s place so that others all follow and read your blog.

I write a poem about family vacations:

Driving on the highway

To Spend the day,

Thinking about attractions

And map directions,

No need to worry about


Simply get out

With loved ones.

It is time to play,

GPS will show you the way,

It is time to relax at a beautiful bay,

Credit cards will help you pay

So that you have genuine fun

Under the winking sun!

Do you take family vacations?

Do you have a special story to share?

Check it out and enjoy the fun!

Amy@Keeping up with the Schultz Family

21 thoughts on “Family Fridays

  1. Thanks Jingle for playing along. I love family vacations. Now that I have my own family I look forward to more. I love the camping trips and fishing trips as a child. Thanks so much again.. You made me smile..

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Family time rules at my place. We always do our best to keep everyone together…under one roof! 🙂 I love all of the craziness that explodes! 🙂 Have lots of fun times today! 🙂

  3. Heyyy Jingle
    Enjoyed the Family Fun poem,I’d love to go on a vacation and have some fun,maybe later!!! Have a beautiful Friday Jingle I’m getting out & about a little today.
    Love you my friend 😀

  4. when I visited your post this morning dear I visited from Amys, I never even saw it was your blog lol, hence the rather quick response, anyway I was coming back for 2 reasons 1 for your kind comment on my poem today which was upsetting to write and secondly to thank you for being one of the nicest people I have EVER known in my life, and thats a fact xx

    1. your first comment in the morning was super cool, U R one of the nicest people I know 2, William!
      I highly appreciate your kind words and
      wishing u a beautiful weekend.

      cheers, 😉

  5. Oh Jingle, your poem brings back floods of memories of vacations with our boys when they were young.

    But the one that comes to my memory most is one I got to take with my hubby, my sis and her Irish hubby, nephew and my mom and dad.
    We vacationed in Ireland and had such a wonderful experience … My dad had cancer at the time and died a couple years after … then Mom followed.

    Ireland will always hold a special place in my heart not only because of how great it was … but I got to share it with people I love.

    Hugs to you!

  6. Your poem put a smile on my face today. We do take family vacations, but almost always in the summer. I’m now wondering why we don’t go away in the winter when we REALLY need a vacation!

  7. Sadly, we have not all been together on a family trip in over 4 years! California in September, 2005. But we are about to change that this summer!! I’m not sure where and when but all 3 of us are heading to new exciting places some where!!

    Kelly put a green cloth napkin on her head in one of the restaurants on The Queen Mary in Long Beach. That was kinda funny!! I have photos of it.

    Do you really have a GPS? Those are cool!


  8. Waking in the wee hours, our car filled jam-packed
    still in our pajamas, we climb into the back.
    Dad is at the wheel, mom gives directions
    as we back from the driveway, into the intersection.
    A road trip vacation is now underway
    and in sleepy excitement, the cobwebs clear away.
    We ponder where we’re going, wonder if it will be new
    or will it be the mountains or by the lake shore or even timbuktu?
    A family camping trip is our favorite getaway of all
    the trip there is half the fun, even though it’s a long haul.

  9. sorry to hear you got hit with that nasty spam. i moderate the comments over 7 days old just for that reason…every day i have to delete 2 or 3….

    hope your day was encouraging…mine was really good. encouraging….

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