What Is the value of x?

Someone r bored, I am kind of bored 2, let’s solve  some math problems:


square x means multiple x twice, if x^2=9, then what is the possible value of x?


absolute value means the absolute value of positive 5 and negative five are both equal to 5.

for example, if |x|=5, then x=5, -5.

Now, I have a harder question:

if |x+1|=1, what is the value of x?


#1: x=3, -3.

#2: x=-2, 0.

Good Luck, math fans!

I value your efforts, cheers, 😉 😉 😉

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16 thoughts on “What Is the value of x?

  1. Hi! I don’t know whether I am allowed to post answers here. Anyway here they are 🙂
    1. Ans = 3
    2 Ans x=0 or -2
    this means x+1 = 1 or x+1 = -1
    x=1-1=0 or x=-1-1=-2

  2. Hello,
    The math unit solution is out,
    please check the answers and let me know ig u need further assistance.
    I am glad that u tried…

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