Choose Great Over Good

Hi, How are you today?

It is another day, are you renewed? If yesterday’s progress is incredible, can you make today’s improvements unbelievable? If you have failed to reach your goal in the past days, or weeks, do you have the courage to find your way to turn things around?

Please don’t get stagnant!

Believe in yourself, believe in your dreams, trust your ability to make things better, greater, and your dreams will come true.

Getting started by having strategic plans.ย  What’s the issues? what’s the best possible solutions?

Go get the flue shot, remove the doubts from your brain, wipe off the dusts on your computer screen, reinstall the software of your options and preferences, begin now, start today, and tomorrow will be different!

Tomorrow will be promising because you have taken actions to push for changes in your life.

Choose great over good, try and learn, you will see beauty in everything!

Happy Wednesday to you all!ย  ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰

49 thoughts on “Choose Great Over Good

  1. Wow Jingle, you can read my mind?

    I have been so drained , with my daily stuffs and
    trying to participate in memes . lol.
    But I got to try to see which ones I like ,right?
    Why am I doing the memes?
    Well, you started me doing it on Thursday ,
    was so fun , so I thought why not, try others.
    I was trying to be BETTER, maybe try to be great too.

    Jingle, my post of TPR is up.
    Hope you like my simple dedication to you.


  2. evenin dear, I was out today doin just that, dusting away the cobwebs and becoming renewed, this was a really good post today so innovative, u really make our day special…xx have a good evenin and keep being YOU..xx

  3. This is really great, my sweet friend!
    Your encouragement helps a lot.
    You are a very optimistic person ๐Ÿ™‚
    This post is my favorite ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Thank you, Jingle!

    Have a wonderful day!

  4. I’m so glad I took a look your blog. This was really uplifting stuff. You got yourself a new daily reader. I’ll even link my blog to your blog, if you don’t mind.

  5. today, i was leaving work and i was thinking that i’m really scared of disappointing the people who have such high expectations of what i’m capable of. scaAAry!! you said, “do you have the courage to turn things around?” and the word courage stuck out to me. one of the biggest reasons people mess up, and keep messing up, and ultimately “stay down” is because they fear making another mistake, and that fear eventually wills more mistakes – almost validating the fear.

    but if we had the courage to do be better, do more, exceed expectations versus run from them, we’ll all surprise ourselves.

    thanks for this post!! super encouraging…

    1. Dear Patrice:

      U R so correct about the positive thoughts upon my post.
      Well, the choice of being positive and hopeful has tremendous impacts on one’s health, Psyche, relations, and efficiency at work.
      I hope that smooth sailing to your life and job.

  6. Good Lord, Jingle!!!!! TTTHHHAAANNNKKKKYYYYOOOOUUUUU!!! That was brilliant! Taking a deep breath, and carrying Your words “choose great over good” with me in my pocket, I dance out of Your lovely room! Cheers and Namaste. ๐Ÿ™‚

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