It’s My Turn To Entertain U!

Hello,  Everyone!

I feel good and better  today!

Hope that U all have A Sunny Sunday!

I feel sorry for the poem published yesterday, I spent too much time on computer and it is my OWN fault that I am fed up. All of U R so caring and selfless, I feel ashamed about my attitude. Please, I beg your pardon!

I want to tell U that I am related to Asian culture, my family always celebrated Chinese New Year, I am sure my parents and relatives are enjoying the heat of this Holiday right now back in my home country, I own my parents and must say: Happy New Year, Mom and Dad! Please give my best to relatives who cared and shared love with me until today, and I am grateful that U give me life and raised me so that I have a better life now in America. As U know, ever since I came to America in 1993, I never really celebrated Chinese New Year again. The environment is very different in the United States and I feel more peaceful without parties or feasts!

In America, today is also Valentine’s Day! I am thoughtful that many blogging friends offered me kind words and good intention, your WORDS  genuinely touch my heart! Jingle is human, Jingle needs to be honest with herself and with her friends…In case any one of You decide to walk away because I am Asian, please feel free, I send you my blessings and wish you well rest of the life. I have cherished my time with all of you.

I have found some of my favorite music to share with you. I used to watch these on YouTube.

Let me know what you think after you tried them one by one.  thank U.

U have cared and shared your deepest thoughts with me, it is my turn to entertain U !

#1: Chinese Opera with English sub

#2: The Moon Represents My Heart (love song, it is sung byHayley’s a Kiwi…from New Zealand, not sure about Shin – probably one of the new Taiwanese stars)

#3: Chinese Yueju Opera (Classical and beautful)

#4: Enter the dream Paradise

#5: Thank U, Dear! (two versions, enjoy the music and graphics)

this one (above) reminds me of myself  when I went home for winter or summer vacation from college. The content of the song is about one’s gratefulness toward one’s parents, friends, neighbors, teachers, coworkers…nothing about the party.

(2009 New Year Celebration, see above)

I will catch up with commenting on your blog on Tuesday. Kids have NO school from Friday to next Monday!

Sorry and I appreciate your patience!

40 thoughts on “It’s My Turn To Entertain U!

  1. hope you have a good break with the kids the next couple days. happy new year…or gung hay fat choy! i think i got that right. be yourself…we will still be here…if someone isn’t so be it.

  2. You sure don’t need to apologize. One of the great things about blogging is that it allows you to express how you are feeling at the moment. You were sad and fed up yesterday, that’s okay. And another great thing is that when you are down and you write about it, you can count on getting support. I LOVE that about the blog world.

    A very happy New Year to you! The year of the Tiger is my year, so I’m happy about that. 🙂

  3. Year of the Tiger!! I am sad you haven’t celebrated since 1993.. I hope there is a special way you can celebrate the New Year today- even if it is in a quiet moment. You are one special person!

  4. I liked “Enter the dream Paradise”.
    “The paradise in my dream appear and disappear in front of my eyes” – the nature is stunningly beautifull!
    Happy New Year, Ji.

  5. Dearest Jingle,

    WOW, WOW, WOW,
    I love ASIANS,
    for I am one!

    you from Taiwan?
    So is my American sister in law!
    I truly enjoy the videos.
    Nice way to introduce yourself!
    Opera too!
    You are one CLASSY LADY!
    My hubby thinks SIL is so
    just like you, JINGLE!

    Jokes aside,
    I am so happy that you feel better.
    I used to have the blues
    during CNY too.

    I was married to ex, who is not Chinese,
    and I was not able to enjoy his culture
    as he and his family do not celebrate them.

    Then, of course, my mom , blessed her,
    disowned me, so many times,
    I am convinced she really love me that much!
    So I do not spend CNY the way Chinese do,
    I am a Cantonese Chinese by the way.
    Very proud and strict Cantonese family.
    I am not as refined as you,
    for Taiwanese are such refined creatures!

    Anyhow, via the challenges,
    I have grown to celebrate EVERY DAY,
    with my daughters ,
    for all the blessings we have , EVERY DAY,
    especially since I remarried,
    to a most wonderful
    Chinese(Cantonese) Singaporean American!

    I really feel you somehow,
    feel inferior to your Asian background,
    why, I do not know but
    I just want you to know that,
    you should be so humbled to be YOU,
    because of EVERYTHING that was your past!

    Am I the only Chinese/Asian blogger you know,Jingle?
    Then, please visit some interesting,
    authentic chinese bloggers,
    warn you though,
    they all write well and are so funny,
    they are more Chinese than you and I! lol

    Uncle Lee, is a Chinese from Malaysia but is now
    in Canada, retired but oh, so romantic!

    Cleffairy , is a young stay at home , writer,
    very passionate and matured beyond her age!

    Claire , a single mother/widower,is a wonderful
    mother and friend.
    She is a foodie!

    Mamarazzi, blogs about her son,
    and she is also a foodie.

    STP,is a wonderfully warm and devoted father,
    he is a foodie too.

    lots of mandarin oranges, valentine’s kisses, lion dances,
    chinese delicacies and chinese opera music coming your way!


  6. You are Asian! I would not have guessed, for some reason I thought your island you mentioned was a Caribbean one.

    I appreciated your sharing yesterday, Jingle. You were honest. Do not feel ashamed. I can tell both from here and in your comments around that you are a sweet caring person.

    There is a LOT involved in blogging, when we get into it we have no idea how much time, energy, blood, sweat and tears can be involved. Sometimes we all need to pull back a bit from it. Then we get right back in smiling and re-energized, bolstered by our friends around us.

    Take good care, Jingle!


  7. Hello! I love the 2nd link – one of my fave Chinese songs. Happy Chinese New Year to you – good health, good fortune and abundant happiness and blessings throughout the Tiger Year.

  8. Btw, Hayley’s a Kiwi…from New Zealand, not sure about Shin – probably one of the new Taiwanese stars. I think I’ll just stick loyally to Teresa Teng… LOL!!!

  9. jingle….HI! Glad you have taken some time to get back to YOU! I am happy you have returned to US! To me, attitude and behavior makes me figure out people. You have the best of both! 🙂 Thanks for all of your links. I am soooo busy, but I will TRY to get to some! Happy New Year! I am a person who celebrates my culture. My parents are both from Italy. I love cultures! 🙂 Celebrate with style! 🙂

  10. hi dear xx happy Chinese New Year, it comes to no surprise to me to learn of your origin, it makes no difference supposing you were from Mars lol we would still love our Jingle, yes u will be missing family its only natural, I too am in a different country from my immediate family so never see them, they all stay in Scotland, at times i get sad but im happy, welcome back, keep being u and move on, I watched a few of your links and loved them, Chinese people are proud, lovely people and YOU fit the bill xxx goodnight, William is tired xx

  11. hi jingle!

    I’m glad you are back!
    And I’m proud you’re an Asian, too.

    Kung Hei Fat Choi!
    And I hope you had a happy V-day.♥♥

  12. Oh Jingle what “Beautiful & Rich” Culture” I love it! I visited 3 links and I enjoyed it so much I have for many years now even though I don’t understand all that’s being said,I so enjoy the colors and the music!!!! Yes I totally agree you don’t owe us an apology not at all,I’m so happy to learn more about you my Asian jewel!!!!! Love you so much Jingle and I know you and the kids will have much fun “Happy New Year and Happy Valentine’s Day”! 😀 😀 I just got online for a minute are 2 I’m going to the doctor for this is to much,I’ll be in touch soon.

  13. Jingle how smart of you we can watch and listen right from your page,yes #4 is my favorite “Enter The Dream Paradise” Beautiful!!! My first husband and I use to watch a lot of kung fu movies that’s when I first started enjoying the colors and music,lovely 😀 .

  14. Dearest Sweet Jingle …
    I’m glad you are feeling better today … Be kind to yourself my dear, especially on this Valentine’s Day!
    Don’t kid yourself and think that everyone is happy and loving and wonderful all the time! We ALL have our moments … so you are in good company!

    And one more thing, my dear … Are you a human being? What does being Asian have anything to do with being liked or not liked? It’s the content of the character that counts … And you are a beautiful human being, Jingle! You have a most beautiful soul!

    I’m half Polish and half Irish … I’m also almost 60 years old, a bit on the heavier side and I have a front tooth that is a bit crooked.

    Will you hold that against me? I don’t think so!

    Hold your head up high and cherish your ancestry! And if anyone walks away from your blog because of your background … You don’t want them around anyway!!!!

    Hugs and more hugs!

  15. I LOVE CHINESE OPERA! And I felt that you were Asian…something about how you wrote and how you put words together..I can’t describe it. I felt that you were also female. I remember reading something you wrote about not disclosing your gender but I had a feeling…..WHY would anyone turn their backs because you are Asian? I have to tell you, this is such weird timing because I just finished reading The Peony Pavillion. Glad you are back, I thought I may have lost you just when I had found you. Love, Lisa

  16. Oh J, happy Chinese New Year! Thank you for sharing the music links. I love learning about other cultures. I think my favorite song was the last link shared. Have fun with the extra time with the kids!

  17. HAHA, Jingle…I had so naturally assumed you were Asian all along that I could have sworn I’d read it somewhere here. XD

    Why on Earth would anyone walk away because of that? Your natural tap into the happiness of everyone you meet is the first and foremost part of you…I can’t see any reason countering that facet which someone could use to dislike you – most certainly not being Asian!

    As you keep our spirits up, so we shall support yours. Distance is a terrible, beautiful thing. It affords us no time to take for granted…because of distance, we shall always love to our fullest. Never forget that, even in your dark days. ^^

    The “Good!” Doctor

  18. I hail from CHAD jingle, even d name sounds like monosyllables, and if thats not acceptable by any, then to each its own. Feel free to feel.

  19. Hello Neighbour:) I am right next to you, in India!
    A very Happy New Year to you 🙂
    I have never been away from my family but I can imagine it must be really painful being so far away from your loved ones.
    Its sad that you haven’t celebrated new year since 93! Do something fabs this time to compensate for it all 🙂 🙂

  20. Thank you for sharing, Jingle! I enjoy getting to know people from different cultures. The world is a big, wonderful place and it’s interesting to get glimpses of other places that I haven’t experienced.

    I watched video #5 (first version). Can you tell me more of what the song is about?

  21. Hi Jingle, In life we all have an unspeakable secret, an irreversible regret, an unreachable dream and an unforgettable love.
    Our life today is not a dress rehearsal, we only get one round to play….we live our life with no excuses, we love with no regrets.

    And sometimes even sliding down a Rainbow we get splinters, even the Queen of flowers has thorns….
    But life is what we make of it…..

    Here’s wishing you and family the very best of the Tiger Year….with good health, happiness and sunshine always.
    You stay young, and keep a song in your heart, have a happy new year, Lee.

  22. dearest jingle,
    english is not my mother tongue. i am asian too and i am proud of my chinese roots. i will continually support your rally or whatever as and when i am free. think i shall volunteer this week again. cheer up ok?

  23. Glad to hear you are feeling better. I hope you have a great week. I am not going any place you are stuck with me.. Yeah.. Have a great day.. You are an awesome person..

  24. Dear Jingle,
    Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentine’s Day. I appreciated your visit to my blog yesterday, by the way. I love poetry and writing. My partner is Asian, and being Asian is certainly something to be proud of! Such gifts we receive from all cultures. It is interesting, though, how all of us have something about which we worry. For example, it is still hard for me to openly speak about having a partner (rather than a husband,) yet it is me right now, and she is wonderful, and so I go forth, trying to be proud of all that I am, even though others my judge it.
    I hope that you keep writing poetry and that you keep inspiring others!
    Thank you for the music, also.

  25. I have something for you over on my Unexpected Gifts tab. Check the Friendship Circle entry. Participation is up to you but I wanted to be sure you knew that you brighten my day!

  26. Happy Chinese New Year,my friend!
    My favorite video is the 4th one 😉
    I like the chinese language even i don’t understand it.
    You are a good friend,Jingle.You don’t have to sorry about anything.Sometimes we don’t have a good disposition.It’s normal 🙂

    Have a special day,my dear friend!

  27. I love everyone, who is nice to me and other people. I am very interested in Asian culture. I have read about China, Japan and so on.

    It’s good to show our feelings even if they are not happy feelings.

    Have a lovely time, my friend!

  28. Dear Jingle, I can’t imagine that anyone would not read because you are Asian! I love that you are who you are!
    It’s never easy to be away from family, and to feel a bit of an emptiness when those special days come up. You are loved and appreciated, my friend.

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