I feel loved When….

Come from nowhere,

But keep whirling

Out of magic.

Shooting stars

That twinkle

And make a circle

In the middle,

We offer praises

And dance

With grace

and craziness.

That’s how we love.


Hello, How R U?

This Thursday I wrote this little poem in Amy‘s comment section about love. Today I share it with U.

I feel loved when people comment from their heart and show authentic appreciations to my effort, I know my work is imperfect, the joy lies in the process of the creation, not the highest destination of perfection.

When do U feel loved by another soul?

I feel loved when_________________________.

Please complete the above sentence. Have FUN loving and accepting love!

😉 😉 😉  thank U for the time spent in Jingle’s place.

12 thoughts on “I feel loved When….

  1. I feel loved when:
    I am forgiven. by others, by God, by myself.
    I feel loved when:
    I love others unconditionally.
    I feel loved when:
    I’m hugged.

  2. i feel loved when:
    eyes of warmth reach deep
    and words spill soul sweet
    thick with grace,
    with comprehension,
    acceptance of my best
    and worst face,
    of my stops and starts.
    i feel loved when:
    birds beseech
    and hugs hold soft strength.
    freedom grants me refuge in peace.
    cats meow, purr, growl
    moss greets feet bare
    rivers roll
    oceans pound.
    i feel loved when poems abound.

    thanks for you, jingle.

  3. I feel loved when people hear me
    especially the things I refuse to say
    when people notice I am missing
    when I am needed and useful
    when I am held as something precious

  4. i love this…that is exactly how i feel…in love.

    when you
    pull me close
    not to touch, except
    your whisper, upon my ear
    reminding me of times we danced
    in the bed of the truck, or the moment
    we found out about the boys, or
    laugh about when i cut my
    steak so small that
    first night so
    i would look
    classy in
    of you.
    that is when
    i feel loved by you.

  5. In love, I feel loved.

    I feel loved when I feel so free to be me.
    So free that I myself don’t even recognise me.

    I feel loved when nothing seems to be black or white or grey, but all life is in HD colours! 🙂

    I feel loved when I pray and know that no matter what, God loves me, even when I don’t love myself at that moment!

    I feel loved when I write and know that I, somehow, am touching someone, somewhere.

    I feel loved when my son hugs me!

    Thank you for the love Jingle!


  6. J’adore the poem,Jingle.
    Beautiful words that touche heart in a second.
    I feel loved when he tells me:I love you,my angel.
    What about you? 😀

    Have a lovely week-end! 😉

  7. Beautiful expression jingle… Sky full stars for you. Love blooms when hearts sing telepathic songs, that knows no instruments of time, space and distance.

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