I Don’t Feel Good Today!

I don’t feel good today,

I want to go far, far away,

I am tired of everyday dullness,

I am fed up with life’s lack of fullness,

I don’t feel like smiling today,

I have nothing more to say,

I am sick of people’s selfishness,

I have enough of life’s sameness,

I am going to take a break today.

I am going to stop blogging

until I feel better in some way!



34 thoughts on “I Don’t Feel Good Today!

  1. Jingle,
    all I can do is wish for you to be better soon!

    You have my email address if you ever want to chat 😉

    HUGE HUGS FOR YOU and a cup of hot chocolate ;)!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dearest Jingle,

    What happened, darling?
    I feel your despair.
    Actually I have been feeling it since the
    TPR(Thursday Poet’s Rally) Week 4.

    Jingle, like you said,
    whenever we do too much,
    we tend to feel under appreciated.

    We, humans , are such selfish idiots,
    most of the time,
    I am one of them too,
    although I try very hard not to.
    Please have a bigger heart and
    find forgiveness in your heart?

    Please do not stop blogging.
    You are so much a part of my daily life now,
    if you stop blogging,
    there will be less sunshine in blogosphere for me
    and all our other friends.

    Take a break if you like.
    Write and post only when you feel like it.

    I remember I was told since my school days
    just how frustrating it will be for me,
    as I was always expecting others to give their best,
    which is , of course, too high an expectation.
    Since then, I have learnt , the hard ways,
    not to have high expectations so that
    every single kind gesture will be a blessing.
    Just to share with you.

    I am not one who say I love you , easily.
    However, I do love you, Jingle,
    for you have earned my love and admiration.



    p.s I love you, NO MATTER WHAT!

  3. Dearest Jingle,

    Hey, wanna come over to Malaysia?
    Far enough for you?

    Hope you will feel better soon.

    Actually let me share a secret,
    I do go wild for awhile just to stay sane.
    I love fast cars, driving , with the stereo blasting,
    the wind in my hair, yaahhhoooooooo!
    Then I will take a nice warm sensual bath.
    Then, ICE CREAMS!
    Then, a naughty gift from hubby! lol


  4. Jingle, sorry you are feeling a little blue. It happens to the best of us. Maybe you are too overwhelmed with so much poetry. Forget about inward looking, take some stupid time and contemplate nothing. I’m sure you’ll feel better soon!

  5. I understand you. I sometimes have same feelings.

    You are so friendly person. Friendly people often help other people more than those people help them.

    Take a break if you need it and come back, please.

    Happy Valentine’s Day, my friend!

  6. Hi Jingle so sorry you’re having a bad day and feeling like getting away,but sometimes we need that break.And if any one deserve a “Break” you do for you give and give here!!!! I truly don’t know how you keep up the pace,you’re in my prayers my loving “Friend”!
    Love you much and try to enjoy your break 😀 :D.

  7. Well, I would be lying if I said I did not have these same feelings. You know what, it is OK! We all totally understand and you need to just take a break from US and concentrate on YOU! YOU do not exist for US if YOU are not happy! So, you get a grip…smile…life is good…and we will see you soon…I am sure of that! 🙂 Happy Valentine;s Day jingle! 🙂

  8. JINGLE! Don’t give in to this for too long! I know, I have some real psych issues and it’s not good. Do what makes you happy and spend some time alone and come back refreshed and happy. I like what artiste7 said, take some stupid time, hey, I can lend you some of mine! You do a lot of work here, Jingle, maybe you’ve been putting yourself out there too much. Long, warm baths help. Nice clean smelling sheets help. Lavender helps. Eating ice cream, as Shakira said, helps. Sleep helps. I will wait for you. : )

  9. Oh Jingle!
    What’s wrong?

    Please don’t stop blogging.
    I mean you could rest for a while but please do not stop entirely. Maybe you just need a break.

    I think that maybe you have used most of your positive and happy energy by sharing it to other people,like me. And I’m sorry for that. You really need to re-charge. Please do.

    Happy hearts day to you!

    with love(♥♥),

  10. I get a little blue
    yes indeed, just like you.
    Nerves and feelings
    all a jumble
    I’m not good enough
    I move, I bumble.

    And those thoughts
    — I am ugly
    — I am lazy
    — I am yucky
    I seal in a jar
    and toss it far
    it crashes on rocks

    no keys, only locks

    then I beel better.

  11. I appreciate you visiting with me and I’m sorry your spirit is not feeling joy right now.

    Take some time and find something that replenishes your spirit and do it.

    I hope the cloud will pass soon.

  12. 😦
    Hope you feel better soon!
    Taking a break often helps.
    Go out, enjoy something you love, enjoy some nature.
    That’s what I did last week and what I will keep doing for a while.
    Best wishes!


    What is it that makes me continue with my journey in life
    Is it the curiosity
    Is it the awareness factor
    Is it the desire to live
    What makes some of us think we can do anything,
    and some of us think we are failures
    Is it a matter of how we grew up
    Is it a path that has been chosen
    Or do we decide what is and what is not
    Do we have the power to take charge
    Is it most of us who ask these questions, or only me
    Am I alone in this universe, or do I have a family with the same thoughts
    Sometimes I think that attitude is the key to all doors.
    Yes, my attitude is..most definitely my biggest reward.
    I will keep my positive attitude, no matter what is selected for me to consume.
    I will stay focused and alert.
    I will not surrender!

    Believe in Yourself;

  14. Sweet Jingle,

    You’ve taken a very huge responsibility on your shoulders so far and for a very long time..

    I understand what you’re feeling..
    Being there for all of us..
    Supporting and loving people you don’t even know in person..
    Giving a piece of you to each and everyone who comes to your blog without waiting for anything in return..

    This was a lot of emotional consumption for you.. And I totally support your taking some time off blogging.

    I’m sorry if you ever felt not appreciated or loved from anyone of your blog visitors.. But you of all know that love is something vital for a person like you.. You can’t help it but being supportive and loving to everyone in your circle, no matter how tired or stressed you’re feeling.

    That’s the tax we’re paying for loving too much.

    I want you to know, that I’ll always be here for you, not because I owe you, BUT because I love you.

    I’ll miss you.. Please come back soon.

  15. I hope you are able to have a better day, but I know exactly where you’re coming from. Sometimes the world bothers me so much I just wanna hide in a little cocoon and shut it out. Thanks for sharing. Happy Valentines Day, and here’s to a better day for you!

  16. Jingle – your poems and posts bring so much happiness to your community of readers. If you need a break to shine that love back onto yourself – take it! It’s very courageous to share not only the positive but also the negative feelings. That’s what makes and keeps us human. Hope you feel better soon.

  17. Everyone feels blue every once in a while and someone like you, who shows so much happiness needs to cry to clear out the Blues, so you can see the sunshine and flowers. I wish you well.
    You are a good friend and person.

  18. I hope that everything is better tomorrow for you,my friend!I have sometimes the same feeling me too,but after a day everything it’s ok…i feel again optimistic.
    You will be missed,Jingle.

    Take care! 🙂

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