Thursday Thinking Tank-To Love Is To Forgive

The purpose of life on earth

Is to love,


And serve.

For some reason,

Offenses happen


Hush words are spoken

Without careful consideration.

Resentments become roadblocks

in communication.

Pardon must be given,

Anger must be renounced

In order for peace, love, and humanity

To be granted by Heaven.

To love

Is to forgive

Not receive!

It’s hard to love one’s enemy,


The pain is NOT lessened

When hatred faces hatred.

Love obliterate

And eliminate.

Love is light,

Love is sunshine.

To love others

Is to love yourselves.

With love as the prescription

For everything,

Life is lighter,

Your smile is brighter.


Poets United (Thursday Thinking Tank, Forgiveness)

45 thoughts on “Thursday Thinking Tank-To Love Is To Forgive

  1. I believe in love for all in this world! Thank you for the reminder. 🙂 Everyone has a right to live life…their way. As long as others are not hurt in the process, they should be encouraged! 🙂 Happy Friday!

  2. I wanted to say Thanks for my poem yesterday. It was so nice of you. This was a great poem also. I wish I could write like this. I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day..

    Thanks again.. 😉

  3. Dearest Jingle,

    Lovely and essential poem to remind us of the wonders of LOVE.

    Jingle darling,
    I would like to tell you a secret,
    A secret which is so transparent,
    Which EVERYONE knows,
    We love you, Jingle
    because you love us BEST!



  4. Jingle, you said things I have been trying to tell a friend that has called our friendship over…..thank you for saying things I have been trying to say!!! 🙂

  5. Hi Jingle,

    I love this poem as it is 100% true. Love and forgiveness are the answer to all our fears and anger!

    Thank you for your comments on my poems. Please come again, and keep spreading your generous spirit of love. We love because He first loved us!


  6. Amen,amen U totally “Rock” Jingle! This poem is so good!!! I hope your Valentine’s Day is filled with loads of love! You mean so much to me!!! 😀 back to bed for more rest I’ll see you soon. 🙂

  7. Happy Valentine’s Day, Jingle 🙂

    True words; in that case, may many forgive, this weekend, so that they may forgive for the rest of their lives. 🙂

    The “GOod” DOctor

  8. Again you make me dream with eyes opened 🙂
    The poem is great,my friend!
    It’s so easy to express our feelings through the words.
    I think that this is the most beautiful present.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!!! 🙂

  9. Resentments are roadblocks…how true…we must always keep ourselves open to possiblities…resentment prevents positive things happening…bkm

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