Fabulous Blog Award

Award from Jamie, one of the three nominees.

on February 9, 2010, I was awarded the “Fabulous Blog Award” by Jaymie at Jamie Thorne’s Personal Musings. Here is a link to the post:  December Gifts: http://jaymiethorne.wordpress.com/unexpected-gifts/

Jamie is a cool friend to have, she is highly talented in poetry, she writes with her heart and amuses many of her fans with precise and amazing capture of human feelings. She would break away for a day or two, but when she returns to computer, she will comment for me with 2 or 3 beautiful compliments in a row…she is the leading figure in our Thursday Poets’ Rally, she has never missed a week, always on the front line to read, encourage, and offer hints or clues on poems written by strangers or fresh poets…She is such a rare blogging buddy to have in Jingle’s place, Please visit  Jaymie and enjoy a feast of her poetry packed with wisdom, fun, and love!

No Rules for this award, Jingle is pleased to pass it to SIX (6) blogging friends that are Fabulus !

PS: Jamie passed it to 3 only,  I suppose that you winner shall pass to 3 to 6 blogger, please work hard and follow the lead not to exceed 10 blogger! Thank U!

Amy, Keeping Up With the Schultz Family (Sunny Amy)

william William’s public poetry Blog

Beth feel like knitting

Amy Happily ever after (Pink Amy)

justmeshakira My HuMbLe Blessings

pttyann Pat’s Letters God Inspired

17 thoughts on “Fabulous Blog Award

  1. awe Jingle, thanks a million for this kind award for my public page, the guys will be delighted, they work hard on their poems and this will be nice to give to them, you are very kind and congratulations to all the other recipients xx

  2. hey Jingle all finished with thursday’s poet rally week 5. Good poems good food (had chinese takeout for dinner yum :)) and good blogs. What a great night.

  3. Jingle, you are quite a wonderful support system for all these beautiful people. I find myself coming back to your site more often and am really amazed at all the work you put into it. I hope that eventually I too can be as good at this as you. Keep up the wonderful work and if I had an award to give to you it would be for Best Supporting Role!


  4. Hi Jingle!

    You deserve the award!♥♥

    By the way, can i still join the poet’s rally today even if im late? 😉

    Good day!

  5. Yes Jingle I agree with all the above comments,you are a wonderful,kindhearted and sweet to the bones person.You are so giving you just keep going & going pouring love into our lives.We are truly blest to have a friend as yourself!!!! I’m truly happy I met you and it’s been nothing but fun getting to know you better 😀 😀 I would also like to “Congratulate” all of the recipients of the “Fabulous Blog Award”!!! You so deserve this “Award” Jingle “You Rock”!!!! 😀 😀 Love you Jingle

  6. Love is jam packed and sooo misunderstood. But we need to keep trying with the Master’s help.
    Love on Valentine’s Day to U
    Thanks for your wonderful comments on my blog you dear sweet jingle

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