Sunday’s Forecast: Sunny, 100% Sunshine!

Some Sunshine from Amy at Keeping Up With the Schultz Family

Some Sunshine from justmeshakira at My HuMble Blessings

Some Sunshine from Yousei Hime

Wow, 10Q to Amy, Shakira, and Yousei, All three of U Rock!

Amy, U ennoble and inspire all readers with love, joy, humor, music, dances, winks, deep thinking, first class literature,  stories or fairy tales in the blogging world,  U touch every soul in the universe, U move every fire in our soul.

Shakira and Yousei: U run all the way cross the Pacific Ocean to touch lives of other people, including those who are new and needs encouragement and support. U R Leading figures in Thursday Poets’ Rally, I am very proud of U 2.

I Am grateful for the honor All Three of U brought 2 Me.  Now I am Ready to take it:

Here are the rules:

  • Put the logo on your blog above or below your post.
  • Pass the award to 12 blogger.
  • Link the nominees within your post.
  • Let the nominees know they have received the award by commenting on their blogs.
  • Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award.

Here is What Jingle Did: It is difficult to choose, everyone is cool and full of love out there,  I wish I could list all of U. Since I have three blogger nominated me, thus for each award, I pass to 14, now 3 times 14=42, Thus I am doing 42!  I purposely included a few “strangers”,

I could NOT simple pass to those who are with me, I must think about those who are else where but truly need some sunshine. 10q for your support! If I miss U and U believe that U deserve the award, then please continue following  me and I will try to make it up to U next time when getting another chance.

#1: nanno1982 the book of Noha

#2:  Jaymie Thorne’s Personal Musings

#3: doubtfulpoet Beth the beautiful poet-A poetry blog

#4 : Pamela

#5: Sunny

#6: lily

#7: Julie Whizbangwoman’s blog

#8: Beth feel like knitting

#9: brian miller

#10: secret agent woman,

#11: CottageGirl

#12: tonydowning

#13: Bananaz (U got your wish coming true)

#14: 2a24

#15: drj3kyll

#16: Momisodes

#17: Doraz

#18: Moe

#19: Pink Links

#20:  lynne I was knit together in my mother’s womb

#21: Jannie Funster


#23: questionof

#24: Anne Lessing

#25: art

#26: joyislife

#27: dusty

#28: Patricia-Raw Substance

#29:  vodkabeforenoon

#30: william

#31: gbaugh

#32: She Writes

#33: Mama Zen

#34: Hilary

#35: kashkin

#36: Math:

# 37: Math faculty in California:

#38: TheMattersThatMatter:

#39: Kathleen:

#40: Dick:

#41: creative writing camp:

#42: KJ:

#43: timethief

Enjoy The Beaming Happy Sunshine!

See U Next time!  😉 😉 😉  

61 thoughts on “Sunday’s Forecast: Sunny, 100% Sunshine!

  1. Dearest Jingle,
    Indeed I am SO IMPRESSED.
    You are so clever!
    Indeed with your excellence in Maths, you managed 42 nominations! AWESOME!
    You really do DESERVE all three awards and more!
    Indeed, you manage to give SUNSHINE to many!
    I love you, Jingle.

  2. Oh J, they beat me to it!! You have another one coming from me soon! Thank you for thinking of me. Everything you are doing here is so appreciated.

  3. I am quite honored, Jingle 😀 I shall endeavor to add this to my next posting. Thank you again for bringing a smile to my face 🙂

    G-Doc (The “Good” Doctor)

  4. Hi Jingle .. thanks for your thoughts and I appreciate your kindness .. just at the moment I am in not an easy place and so I must just do what I do .. thank you! Keep the sunshine rolling on – enjoy your laughing days .. Hilary

  5. Jingle I’m so overwhelmed..
    You are so sweet.. Its the first award I ever recieve 🙂

    Thanks darling.. You are the sunshine of blogging world as well.. xoxo

  6. AWE JI I had no idea we could give the award to someone who already has it, I feel bad now not nominating you, however in a way im ok because you were nominated 3 times and well deserved, THANK YOU, special friend for this awsome tribute, you have made my day even more special xx

  7. This is such a good idea!! I feel all warm and fuzzy! 😀

    Thanks so much for nominating me! I’ll be sure to pass it on!! Gotta go find all the bloggers I like…

  8. jingle….CONGRATS to YOU and everyone who you passed this award on to! I am honored and proud to be one of your blogging friends! I am still going through the loss of Rod, but I LOVED the sunshine you have sent to me! Thanks! 🙂

  9. Thank you for this beautiful award,my friend! 🙂
    It’s really nice of you!
    For me your blog it’s the sunshine!

    Have a wonderful day,Jingle! 😉

  10. I’m so humbled lol I thought I was depressive but you have tonight proved me otherwise!! I’m still figuring out how to put these awards on my blog though so you may have to bear with me!!

  11. Hi Jingle!

    I’m really surprised! Thanks for including me here. Although I doubt it if my posts are sunshiny at all. But thank you, you put sunshine in my day!

    Sunny day!♥

  12. The sunshine award, describes you perfectly! Thank you for all the sunshine you bring to the blogosphere. And thank you for the award, I will accept it as soon as I can!

  13. You are a ball of sunshine Jingle…..Thank You so much.
    I am unable to get online as much these days and I am new at this and you and a few others have made me feel so welcome. Your blog is a joy to visit.
    And I look forward to seeing what you have on next.

    Special Needs Connections….Meet a Hero TODAY !!

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