Thursday Poets’ Rally Week 4 (Feb. 4-Feb. 10, 2010)

Hello, Everyone:

Welcome to  Thursdays Poets’ Rally week 4.

Mission Statement:

Participants are poets who are dedicated to spend the whole day promoting and celebrating poetry. By volunteering to reach out, make positive comments or encouragements to a minimum 12 fresh blogs each week, these poets demonstrate leadership capacity and become backbone of future poetry advocacy leaders and seasoned poetry readers and writers.

Meanwhile, we welcome poets who are represented as fresh poets to join our leadership group under their own wish or motivation.  We expect our group to grow and expand  so that more poets are inspired, more poems are composed and shared, and  more joy or fulfillment in poetry is discovered.


#1: If you are a poet who is new and want to join our Thursday Poets’ Rally, comment here and let me know, I will add your on.

#2: Post a poem in your OWN blog on Thursdays.

#3: Go ahead and visit the blogs on the list, please make sure to make a minimum 12 positive comments on 12 different blogs where you have never commented before. This can be done on Thursday, or by next Thursday.

#4: Very important, please make sure to comment back when you are given comments.

#5: After you post a poem, commented a minimum 12 blogs, let me know and you will remain on the list the following week as active poets.


Your link will NOT appear as participants UNLESS you commented below, I need your word of approval so that we have mutual understanding and respect upon this event. Thank U in Advance and Have FUN on the Rally! 😉 😉 ;).

Week 4 Participants:

Beth the beautiful poet: (fresh poem)

Kseverny’s Blog: (new post)

Lisa: post)

Kat; (new post)

Jamie: (done, 😉 😉 😉 )   (new post)

brian miller: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

DR. J3KYLL: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

My Walking Path:

David Rheins on Blogger: post)

Gargoyle’s Roost:

Chocolate High: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

The Girl In Me: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Keep Track of Wondering Mind:

William Manson: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Pat:  (very beautiful poem, please visit, 😉 (done, 😉 😉 ;))


Rumblings of A Ghost:

Shiteki Na Usagi, Yousei Hime:, 🙂 😉 ;))


My HUmble Blessings: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Art Is My Religion: (new post)



Week 4 Fresh Poets to Know and Explore:

The dance of solitude:

Tony downing:

Critical qal theory;

Scratching the parchment:

1websurfer’s weblog:

Dark Song:

I am the lizard queen:

A City On Hill Cannot Be Hidden:

Mcfloetry’s blog–Poetry that flows

Arambler’s Poetry Blog:

Event Horizon:

I Release Me:

Poetry breaking from delusion:

Smiles and Scares:

Everything will turn all right:

Avery Ryan Wellman:


A Poem A Day, poems written by elementary school kids after they attend creative writing camp:

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Dusty Who:

Sweet poetry:


Words We Never Said:

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Thursday Poets’ Rally Week 3 Update:

62 thoughts on “Thursday Poets’ Rally Week 4 (Feb. 4-Feb. 10, 2010)

  1. Great morning, jingle!
    You are so dedicated.
    Thank you for the list,
    I really enjoy the visit to new blogs, so refreshing.
    Have you a great day,Jingle.
    You so deserve it.
    Count me in for the Thursdays Poets’ Rally.
    I am really having fun, I promise.

        1. Hello, Yousei:

          you are such a diligent worker,
          Yes, I will keep the last link, those poems are written by primary school students and actually very funny and are of high quality…
          I appreciate your far-sighted version of such hint,
          triple cheers, 😉 😉 😉

  2. I’m totally in 🙂

    I’ll be checking out the new poets, and will have a new piece posted by Thursday.

    Your dedication to this project is admirable. It’s a great thing you’re doing here.



  3. Again I’m there 🙂 I’ll have a new piece for thursday, well I do try daily but with being back full term time table I’ll see what I can do! I’ll most certainly read everyones blogs with a passion and blogroll your new finds 🙂

  4. Jingle count me in, im raring to go, have visited so many new blogs I cannot keep track lol, but its all fun, very nice people already met, some visit back, some dont but its worth a try, see u soon xx

  5. Oh Jingle you’re such a sweet heart!!!! 😀 You visited my other sight but I could only find (this morning 🙂 ) 1 post of 3 you commented on,I’ll find the others but now it’s 1:40 AM and I’m off to try to sleep this time down. I hope this makes sense it looks funny,Love you.

  6. Wow, thank you for doing all the leg work finding new poets for us to read J. I just enjoyed 12 and might try for some more later today. Thursday Poets’ Rally rocks!!

  7. I would like very much to be a part of your group. I consider myself a full-time poet, since there is rarely a waking moment where I am not composing, thinking or imagining verse.

    Please add me.


  8. Hello Jingle 🙂 Even though I’ve been writing for a little while now, I’m fairly new to the act of reaching out of my bounds. You have a wonderful project set up here, and I would like to be part of it, if you’d permit me to.

    In any event, thank you for your hard work, and I’ll get to posting my poem and commenting on others. Have a wonderful day!

      1. Thank you very much! I got my 12 comments finished today (tomorrow? This limbo of a morning, eeeek) before I’ve gone to sleep, so I’ll work on the rest through the weekend. 🙂

        The “Good” Doctor

  9. Hello, Thursday Poets’ Rally Participants:

    We have at least 5 or 6 new poems posted today by new poets coming as participants, hope that U all support them by commenting on these new poets who are also participants…
    they are fresh air to us,
    have FUN,
    cheers, 😉

  10. Thank you jingle, for including me in you list of fresh new poets to explore for Week 4. I have not been very active lately but will surely read some of the other poets and leave comments again thank you.

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