Mindful Math


The operation m * n is defined as: m * n= (m + 1)n

What is the value of  4 * 3 ?

A. 12

B. -125

C. 1

D. 27

E. 125


Hello, Everyone. How are you today? Do you mind doing some math for fun?

Please apply the number into the formula provided above on the right hand side of the equation to get the solution, * means operation, not refer to multiple or times in arithmetic or elementary math, choose a Letter with corresponding number to answer it.

Thank You in advance.

The Answer is E-125.


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16 thoughts on “Mindful Math

  1. I cannot get the answer, I have 125 .lol
    Ha ha ha. Jingle you are making me very worried about my maths.lol
    You have a most wonderful day now!
    Have you a great weekend!

  2. lol your too cool, u tease me with these mathamatical genuises, good post Ji, hope all went well yesterday with the kids hehe, it makes our time limited when they are home, lol bet they were well behaved.. have a blogtastic day 🙂

    1. Hi,

      everything is great at home,
      I did not mean to tease you at all, but hope to entertain some math fans…

      cheers, thank you for the kind comment, 😉

    1. Sorry, Jessie,

      find m=
      as given in the formula,
      then find m+1=
      the last part is to computer what you get from m+1 and multiple this number three times, then you get the result…

      * is not times in math here, it stands for an operation, thus you only follow the rule on the right hand side of the equation…

      Thank you for stopping by, hope that you get it by now.

    1. Wow,

      Brave, Dusty.
      I admire your nerve to try it and actually make announcement about it.
      It does not matter what is your answer, it is your willingness to learn, your positive attitude, and your pleasant charater that matter to me.

      100% beautiful comment on math. 😉

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