31 thoughts on “Week 3 Thursday Poets’ Rally Update (Jan. 28-Feb. 3, 2010)

  1. Hi.

    While I don’t have a dedicated poetry blog, I have recently started dabbling in this genre. Comments I received thanks to you listing my blog here really encouraged me.

    Please add me in Thursday Poet’s Rally.

  2. Heyyy Jingle while visiting different sights you have posted I found a friend and church member over at Inspiration he wrote What is Love,so good of you to bring us together I’ve read more poetry than ever😀 loving it!

    • Hello, Jamie:

      I am not where I am without your strong support in the first place,
      you lead others to where we are,
      what a beautiful bay we are in…


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    • Hello, Brian:

      great job,
      you are very reliable and diligent,
      I appreciate your support and positive words.
      way to go,
      have a nice break from commenting,😉

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  5. So I have a question – what about creating a twibe from this group? It’s a very interesting and inspiring group – might be fun!

    • Hi,

      Could you explain the detail of doing a twibe?
      I have never heard or done such before, let me know the rules or details of doing it, then I will decide, thank U in advance.

  6. I wrote a little something today that I really feel is meaningful. It’s not long. But you can add me to the list, please. I will participate. Thanks, Lisa

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