Let Compassion Be Your Compass


Day in, Day out,

You are bewildered about

What are the reasons

Or causes

That tragedy hits your places

And leave you with little choices.


Winter ends, Spring arrives,

You must accept the drives

For Changes

So that you discover hapiness.

As you are ready to face realities,

You will be installed with renewed energies.


Day in, Day out,

There shall be nothing to worry about.

Welcome season’s changes,

Overcome all the adversities,

Let compassion be your compass,

Which leads you to renaissance.


Whenever you suffer,

Bend and stretch your mind

like acrobats,

Pray and be kind,

Grow strength among those painful parts,

Doubts, calamity, and animosity will be gone like wind.


Hello, Everyone, How are you today?

Time flies, it is Thursday again, I wrote this poem in corresponding to Thursday Poets’ Rally week 3.

Let me know what you think of compassion in life by filling in the blank with one sentence, Thank YOU in advance.

Compassion is________________________________.

You can make a difference in lives of many people, I value Your participations dearly. 😉 🙂 😉

70 thoughts on “Let Compassion Be Your Compass

  1. Compassion is
    When my heart hurts for yours
    and I can offer an understanding word.
    When words can’t be enough,
    compassion is a gentle hug.
    And when a hug can’t be given
    my compassionate prayers lift to heaven

    1. Hi, Lynn:

      You truly move me for your instant feedback,
      What lovely poem on Compassion,
      I think that your comment is a beautiful compassion to have, 😉

  2. Compassion comes with a lot of love,
    A deep understanding and wonderful soul,
    Compassion is an ultimate gift
    From a fellow human being to another.

    Compassion is truly an invaluable gift.
    Compassion is all about giving
    without any expectations,
    A compassionate person is truly blessed.


    1. Dear Shakira:

      What A Compassionate Individual you are,
      I feel lucky to have a compassionate friendship with you as well,
      I love all the things you say,
      cool interpretations… 🙂

  3. Compassion received brings comfort and healing, and fortifies the giver’s heart in immeasurable ways.

    Thank you for stopping by today, Jingle. All the best to you!

    1. Dear Sunny:

      It touches me when you carry your unborn twins with you to care for me with you beautiful WORDS.
      Your act is a shining example of compassion.
      Wish you well, friend.
      Best, 😉

  4. “Which leads you to renaissance” – amazing J, wonderful poem! I think compassion is the warm embrace of acceptance in all circumstance.

    1. Hello, Jamie:

      I am impressed by your deep comprehension of my poem,
      Yes, “Acceptance in all circumstances ” is a dream coming along with compassion…
      Exceptional Entry, 😉 😉

  5. Compassion is an undeserved grace (a lenient and merciful state of mind) that we extend to others, or that they extend to us, when we/they, are at our/their, worst.

  6. Hi Ji, awe thanks for your really kind words u left on the blog, how kind u are, I read 13 new blogs last night, so we are moving forward…

    My compassion is people like YOU, who unite everyone in one way or another and that is compassionate to me..

    have a Blogtastic day xx

    1. Wow, William:

      You are the reason I am here daily,
      You are the reason I get going
      and smiling,

      Without your lasting support,
      I am less able…
      Joy to the universe, because of your kind acts, 😉

  7. Gorgeous once again, something to make you think.

    So I thought Jingle…

    Compassion is finding something in yourself,
    Something maybe buried,
    That makes you big enough to forgive, to forget,
    Something that makes you reach out
    Want to help,
    Something that makes you want to touch someone,
    Even though you have been wronged,
    To forget in your heart, and to look within,
    To want to help, to hug, to heal.

    If someone had not done this for me, I wouldn’t know all you lovely people today.

    Thanks for this poem.

    Compassion is probably the most potent and powerful thing we can express as humansxx

    1. Hi, Beth:

      I am touched by your heartfelt comprehension about compassion…
      You are straightforward, uplifting, fast in action, and intelligent,…You deserve compassion if you ever feel like getting it, I wish you all the best, because you are one of the best people to be around,
      how cute you are when you are so kind to Jingle, 😉
      Best, 😉

  8. Hello, Friends:

    Heavy Ice Rain hits my place, both of my kids are home today at 12:30pm,
    We are stuck at home, a family of 4,
    I will respond to your comments individually when I am free later,

    I value your comments and enjoy your company very much,

    Way to go,
    I love you all for coming… 🙂 😉 😉

  9. Hi Jingle great poem I loved it!!!
    Compassion: Treating others the way you want to be treated,that’s what compassion means to me. Thanks for all you do here and share with us :D.

    1. Hello, Pat:

      I agree with you,
      Treat others the way you wanted to be treated,
      That’s fair and square…
      Very insightful and thoughtful entry, you are progressing and learning very beautifully, Love your innocent smiles, 😉

  10. The ability to open our hearts and express our love…should not be taken lightly. Your words are kind and true. Thank you for bring so compassionate. 🙂 I agree with all of the above comments! Compassion is peace. 🙂

    1. Hello, Doraz:

      Peace is our ultimate goal of living, it comes with love, satisfactions, and happiness…
      I love “peace”,
      wishing you a peaceful evening, 😉

  11. Hi Jingle 🙂

    A started a new day and I enjoy it again. I hope that you too.
    Compassion is when you help someone how needs help even with nice words to encourage him/her in a bad situation or in a bad day.

    I like the poem that you wrote it. You know that a single word has a big power to a person? If it’s told in the right moment of course 🙂
    Thank you!

    1. Hi, Alina:

      I have A Good Day, Enjoyed Time Reading Books,
      Yes, when one helps or encourages someone else who is in bad situation, then compassion begins…
      Agree with your comprehension of the power of A WORD,

      Sweet to see you, 😉

  12. I love your play on words with the Title … Let Compassion be your Compass. Great topic to write about when tragedies seem to be happening all over the world and there’s not too much we as individuals can do about it. We of course can pray … or maybe just try to make a little difference with love and understanding and compassion as we go about meeting people in our daily lives.

    Lovely poems!

  13. Nice poem Jingle. Tell me one thing how many poems u have already written? Whatever the count is, I must say u r a great poet.

  14. Compassion is putting others first.

    And this reminds me of that old great jazz song from the 40s..

    “Day In, Day Out, that same old hoo-doo seems to follow me about.” Do you know it??


  15. Beautiful poem. 🙂

    Compassion is forgiving someone’s grievous errors and helping them back up when they fall, even when there’s no one else around.

  16. i love this post, jingle.
    compassion is giving the space to heal,
    to grow new hope and vision. compassion understands from a place of experience and gives room for differences.

    1. Wonderful comprehension on compassion, Kelly.

      I am happy that you find this post interesting and enjoyable.
      I agree with you on your WORDS.

      cheers, 😉

  17. Compassion is willing to take a stand with another person even when it is painful. Thanks jingle for linking us together.
    “Grow strength among those painful parts” Love the poem – it really hit home this week and that’s good -smiles and hugs

  18. Great poem. I liked, “bend and stretch your mind like acrobats.” It’s always that way when you go through another chapter in your life. If you don’t find another way to look at it then you’re finished.

  19. Compassion is…

    me cyring because you are hurting
    me smiling because you are laughing
    me feeling all the words you leave unspoken
    me picking up all the pieces that are broken
    me putting back all the pieces together
    me giving back your heart, newer than ever.

  20. Compassion is,
    A step before Empathy,
    A door again to happy living.
    you revealed this message beautifully to all of us humans,
    Thanks a lot 🙂
    very well expressed

    recently came across your blog, like your postings 🙂

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