Thursday Poets’ Rally Week 2 (January 21-27, 2010)

Hello, Poets and Poetry Fans:

I wanted to thank many of you who actively responded to my Call for Thursday Poet’s Rally Week 1.  Jamie Thorne, Brian Miller, Paul Andrew Russell, CottageGirl, Katharine have been commenting on fresh poetry blogs provided in my list very actively, thank you for the selfless support. You are touching lives and advocating positive communications and feedback among both seasoned poets and promising poets. What Invaluable Contribution You Have Done ;).

Today is Tuesday, I initialize this post two days early because I want to make things clear about the rules to be able to be listed…

To be able to be eligible for week 2 participants, you must:

#1: Post a poem on Thursday, January 21, 2010 in YOUR OWN BLOG.

#2:  If you are a week 1 participant, make sure you have already commented on 12 fresh Blogs before you comment that you will be active on week 2. (Without fulfilling requirement of week 1, you can not request as a participant in week 2, I have to be fair to those who do working hard to send out encouragement and cool notes to other poets via commenting.)

#3: If you are not a week 1 participant, but you are a poet and want to join in, please feel free to join us by commenting on this post.

#4: I love comments, if you are visiting me and want to leave a comment in general, please comment on my other posts as listed on the right hand side of the screen. Thanks.

No obligation to be come a member, thus please choose what you want freely. Once confirm that you want to be IN, then you have to be serious, I trust your WORDS and wish you best of luck on blogging and poetry writing

or readings.

Week 2 Participants:

William Manson (A Poem is written on Thursday)

My Walking Path (Poem posted on Thursday)



Shiteki Na Usagi, Haiku Blog:

Bonjour Poetry:

You are never alone: (her first poem)

The Girl In Me:

Pat: (her third poem)

A poem named “Jingle” by Pat: (her 2nd poem)

JP Beaty: poem)

Jamie Thorne:

Beth the Doubtfulpoet:

Utopian Fragments:

Moondustwriter’s blog:

Jingle’s Poem for Thursday Poets Rally:

Twelve (12)  fresh poets to explore in week 2:

Bonjour Poetry

Area of delayed decay

broken satellites wondering


Realitylivingnkc’s blog

Michael’s deep thoughts

Kseverny’s Blog

Letters from Trieste

Raw Substance

Keymus Blog


Thursday Poets’ Rally Week 1 Participants (Week 1: Jan 14-Jan 20, 2010)

Shiteki Na Usagi, Haiku Blog:

Main page:

Jamie Thorne’s Personal Musings

Main page:

Brian Miller:

Main page:

Paul Andrew Russell:

Main page:


Main page:

The Girl in Me:

Main page:

The CottageGirl:

Main page:


Moondustwriter’s blog:

Main page:


Main page:

Jessie Carty:

Main page:


Main page:


Main page:

My Journey Home: (her first poem)

Main page:


Main page:


Main page:

JP The Beaty:

Main page:

You are never alone: (her first poem)

Main page:

For more information about Thursday Poets’ Rally of week 1, click on:

Special Thanks to KJ Who Is Gifted in poetry and wrote a poem for Jingle:

KJ’s Blog:

Special thanks go to William a poet who comment for Jingle every single day:

William’s Public Poetry:

Wishing all of YOU A Terrific Tuesday! 🙂 🙂

33 thoughts on “Thursday Poets’ Rally Week 2 (January 21-27, 2010)

  1. I’ll be certain to have a look at all these blogs, it’s a great way to learn about what I love doing the most 🙂 I keep trying fresh ideas out, like haiku was new to me, so I’ll certainly try out some more sonnets, and form poetry soon! Keep em coming Jingle 🙂 I also link all other people’s blogs to mine, share and share alike, if I love it then everyone should take a look! ❤

  2. Hi Jingle,

    Thanks for commenting on my poem – and now I see you’ve put me on your list of 12 fresh poets – wow! That’s so nice….

    I’m not sure yet how your site works but it looks like you’re doing a great job encouraging others and linking up with people. I will study it some more…

    Thanks again,


    1. Hello, Tonya:

      I visited your blog by chance, it is of high quality, thus I encourage my readers, especially poets to visit and comment for you. Hope that you enjoy it.

      glad to see you in. 😉

      Next week,
      you can join as a new Thursday Poets’ Rally member by posting a poem next Thursday and comment on 12 new blogs I will provide next week.

      no obligations, simply excited about getting to know you.
      take care.
      I enjoy your writing very much.


  3. I love checking out new poets… Thanks for doing the work and putting the links together. And thanks for including on the list of fresh poets for people to check out.

    -Andy Bonjour

    1. Hello,

      Excited to see you in. Your poems are FUN to read, excellent job.

      I will also include you as week 2 participant so that you find 12 favorite poems to comment on, have FUN making new friends who share same interests in poetry.

      Thank you for the wonderful art in poetry. ;).

    1. Hi, Michael:

      It is neat to see you in, I try to find more poetry friends, also share and enjoy them along with my readers and poetry friends.

      I find you by random and it is your good luck if you agree, 😉
      let me know if you also want to be a participant in week 2, what you do is to comment on 12 new blogs by next Thursday…

      feel free to look around.
      I will get back to you soon, I am going shopping now. 😉

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