Can you see what I see,


A WORD is a vocabulary

If you build a WORD bank;

A WORD is a verbal expression

If you say: “sweet WORDS “.

A WORD is a conversation

When you want to have a WORD with me.

A WORD is an order

When you give the WORD to respond.

WORDS are news

When you have WORDS of my comments.

WORDS are promises

When your WORDS are as good as your bond.

WORDS are codes

When you make them MACHINE WORDS (CIPHERS).

WORDS can be motto,

WORDS can be WORD of God,

WORDS are everything that vertebrates

In the sake of communications, either

Written, or





Hello, Welcome toThe Wonderland of WORDS  On Wednesday!

Let’s work on WORDS above and try to fine tune THE WAY OF WORDING.

YOUR are asked to change one or more WORDS IN PURPLE above to make the poem sound better,

or make the WORDS fit better in the poem.

If YOU think that there is nothing need to change, then please tell me

about WORDS by saying  WORDS are _____________.  One adjective is enough.

Thank YOU for making The Landscape of WORDS beautiful. Cheers! 🙂 🙂


17 thoughts on ““WORDS” In WORDS

  1. ♫Its only words, and words are all I have to take your heart away♫ ~ Bee Gees

    Truly your “WORDS” took my heart away, love them.

    Words are COOL.

    1. Hello, Bananaz:

      I always enjoy old friends, you share part of you whenever you come in, but I am never satisfied with one single appearance, referring to your word template.

      Yes, words are costly.
      Wise WORDS from you. 🙂

  2. words are impressionable if used in the wrong context, well written as always friend… and hehhe, its Paul Andrew Russell not Paula and russell hahha this made me giggle love your innocence friend…

    1. Dear Professor:

      Your correction of my error on Paul Andrew Russell means a world to me, you care enough to make me realize my carelessness and I genuinely appreciate it 😉 😉

      you are the best friend in blogging. 😉

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