Solve A Math Problem!

Hello, how are you?

If you are interested in math, this problem is for you to work on and solve.

Start with 3,

Add 2,

Then multiple by 102,

Then divide by 5,

Then add 800,

Then subtract by 14,

What do you get?

Please use two (2) words only to describe it.

Thank you in advance, have FUN. 🙂

PS:correct answer in number is 888, I required you to say it using two words, all entries are well done.

Other possible way to say it:

triple 8’s,

triple eight,

triple A’s

sounds great 🙂 🙂 :).

Thank you all for the number FUN.

13 thoughts on “Solve A Math Problem!

  1. sore head…LOL sorry , just having fun, lol this was a great wee puzzle,I do know the answer but will not post it here..hehhe.. take care friend and thnaks for allowing us to have fun..

  2. eight-eight eight,
    This was fun, Jingle.

    Your test comment still came through in spam, Jingle. This blogger,, had trouble with that a few weeks ago and wrote WordPress and they were able to fix it for her. There is a page you can get to in the help section where you can e-mail them. I would e-mail you but your e-mail address is not coming through and didn’t come through with your ping, either.

  3. Hi, Leslie:
    your entry is correct.

    I did report to
    Akismet last night, it does not work.

    I will stop bugging the support stuff, I am doing just fine with it.
    My friends Gerardine, Jessie, Val, and KJ are all okay with it, they simply change spam into not spam and pull the message out.

    I appreciate your comments. I knew what happened last night and
    wishing you an outstanding weekend.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    1. what a pleasant surprise, Jamie.

      witty humor, you got it perfectly.
      i will leave it for others to figure out what you really saying, if they don’t have a correct answer, they won’t be able to understand your entry.

      thanks a great deal :).

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