Dogs Enjoy Playing A Toy With A Boy!

Dog Haiku (Part II)



Dogs  enjoy

Playing a toy

With a boy.


You throw,

I catch,

We are a perfect match.


If stuck,

Ducks quack,

Dogs bark.


Dogs are in good


In protecting your neighborhood.


When the boatmen fail

To sail,

Dogs wail.


I bark

In the dark

At Mark.


I dressed up as a big


Wearing a wig.


From head

To toe,

I carry No odd smell.




I make a friend with Sherry.


Hello, how are you today?

I share these nine (9) doggy Hauku with you as a continuition of January 2, 2010 post: Dogs Can Take Vacations At A Shopping Mall. Hope that you enjoy it.

Today’s question for YOU:

What are YOUR DOGS’‘ names?

Names of your dogs___________, _____________.

How do YOU like them?


Please feel free to visit, chat, and make friends with the following blogger who own dogs, let me know if you have dogs but not on the list temporarily:

Believe in yourself by Doraz:

feel like knitting from Beth:

Jannie Funster:


Alicia aka “Yaya”:



Gerardine Baugh:

William Manson:





Kim Mailhot:

Sandy: :

Cottage girl:

Math faculty in California:

Leslie White:


June Malone:

20 thoughts on “Dogs Enjoy Playing A Toy With A Boy!

    1. Hello, Yaya:

      What lovely characters you have to miss your beloved dogs, Max and Sheyla at work :).

      You will see them in a few hours.
      stay put and go home happy, they miss your smiles and gentle touches on their heads.

      I appreciate your sharing your dogs with us. Nice to meet Max and Sheyla.
      Have A Beautiful Day.


  1. I am so glad your name came with a link. I lost your last link some how. I am going to try and follow you if you have it. Thanks for including my cute little dog in the list. He rocks.. His name is Timmy and I so love him. He is laying on the couch waiting for nap time..
    Thanks for stopping by..

    1. good afternoon, Amy:

      Soooo glad to know your lovely dog Timmy, I like his name very much.

      Sweet dreams today, Timmy. 🙂

      Feel free to follow me. You are a great friend to have :).

  2. Hello J , how kind of you to mention our loves, Dogs well in my case ALL animals..

    my wee one is called Carmen

    she has been with me since she was a pup and is now 9 yrs old, I do not know what I would do without her, she has been a perfect companion for me, loved to bits, thanks very much for the mention once again, through YOU I have met many wonderful people… thanks..

    1. Hello:

      how excited to meet your cute little pet Carmen, I fall for her as soon as I spell her name.

      Thank you for the active participation.
      Wishing you a cute day with cutest Carmen.


    1. Dear Sunny Sandy:

      for Pete’s sake, wow, I love it, Pete is a powerful name.
      Thank you for bringing sunshine to my door 🙂 ;)!

      I will add your link to the list.

      enjoy a laughing weekend.


  3. Hi, Jingle!
    Glad to have a link to you!
    Our dog is named Gabriella, but we call her Gabby. We love her! She is a cuddly little fluff ball and weighs about 10 pounds.
    Do you have a dog? If you do, does it have a name?
    Have a great Friday night!

    1. Good evening, Cottagegirl:

      It is a pleasure to have your precious dog Gabriella, or Gabby with us.
      I can see how puffy and soft your pet is, best wishes for your weekend.

      Thank you for stopping by.

      I have added your link to my list. 🙂

  4. Nice dog haiku, very creative.

    I had two dogs ~ 1st named ‘Ah Fa’ (means flower cos of the patches) & 2nd was ‘April’.

    How do you like them? Medium rare. oops just kidding. Both were stray dogs who came on their own accord. ‘Ah Fa’ came into my life when I was very young and he is more than a dog so obedient & adorable. He died of natural death at a ripen old age. ‘April’ came in the early 90’s and slept under our coffee table without our knowledge and that was in the month of April thus the name. A very loving dog too. Got to give her away after a few years with us when we moved into our new condo as pets are not allowed.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. Hi, Bananaz:

    Thank you for sharing you DOGS stories. You have a heart of gold for these cute dogs.

    if you have a moment, go to the link below and comment or share your “April”
    with the poet, there is a post about “stop leaving animals unattended or abandoned” . Anyway, No obligations.

    I added your link to the list.
    Have A Great Weekend.

  6. Hi Jingle. I was able to okay your pingback, but your comment to my post was put in spam. You may want to contact wordpress help and inquire why that is. Knew another blogger that has had that problem. Thanks, though.

    1. Hi, Mr. White:

      I did contact them. Not all of my comments go spam, but half of them. “There is Nothing I, or they could do about the spam thing”, that’s their words. You do art in PAINTING, I do WORDS, THUS we don’t match that well. But my comment to June pop up simply GREAT.

      I will try to link with your comment above to see what happens,if it still goes to spam, then I quit the connection with you.
      thank you. and please forgive me.

      I have sent a request again a few minute ago.
      Have your friends’ problem like this been solved?

    1. Great Jessie,

      cats meow, loved your round lovely face :).

      The dog people may have cats too, I wonder how do they manage it if cats fight with dogs for attentions!

  7. Thank you so much for the link to my blog 😉

    our dog is named Max 😉

    and after thinking today that we had lost him, I love him even more for comming back when he heard me cry 😉

    1. Dear Lily:

      Wow, touching story. Yes, sometimes we won’t cherish things we have until we lost it…what a renewed love for your MAX.

      I Like the name Max :). Cute ! 🙂

      ‘hugs’ back, wishing you a joyful day.

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