Complex Numbers

When it comes to complex numbers,

You may notice a strange guy,

Who and Why?

That guy is the imaginary number i.

Look at how i divides a pie

Into 4 pieces, as i, -1, -i, 1,

And i is i,

i squared is negative one, -1,

i cubed is opposite of i, -i,

i fourth is positive one, 1.

If you want to go further with the power of i,

You know i fifth is the same as i,

Because 5 is 4+1,

And i fourth power goes back to 1.

Thus the power of i is easy to simplify.

To learn more,

Divide any power of i by four, 4.

Complex solutions always come in pairs,

a+bi, a-bi are conjugate pairs.

Addition, Subtraction,

Multiplication, and Division,

All work the same wonders

In complex numbers

As they do in real numbers.

Make sure real parts go with real parts,

Imaginary parts join imaginary parts.

The final expression will always be  a+bi,

With a, b either a whole number or a fraction.

If b is a fraction,

Make sure i sits on top,


Make 1 over i equal to negative i, -i.

Do you understand the function of i?

I like i,

Please don’t ask me why!

17 thoughts on “Complex Numbers

  1. goooooooooood morning Ji, wow you are clever lol, this is beyond me, however its an education coming to your blog and one always learns, thanks for keeping our brains in trim……

  2. How aptly you are named.
    You jingle, just as claimed.
    Your comments are delightful.
    Your rhyming is insightful.
    Drop by my blog whenever – yes.
    I appreciate your cleverness.

    1. Cute Roxie:

      How Witty you are,
      You tickle, unexpected,
      Your WORDS are beautiful,
      Your POEM is mindful,
      YES, we can be friends 🙂
      I wonder where you live,
      please enter you link below to make this blogging relation survive!

  3. Hi,
    Wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and leaving the wonderful comment about my grandbaby.

    Math has always been my least favorite subject. 🙂 Such a wonderful way to present it here.
    Love the kitten poem.

  4. Hey thanks for mentioning my blog and there’s been a slightly humorous mix up. Sarah is my mom. She enjoys your blog but doesn’t have one of her own so she uses mine.
    JP Beaty

    P.S. thanks for all great coments on my blog have a nice day

    1. Hello, JP:

      Sorry for the giggling mix-up.

      Why don’t you let your mom have one on her own?

      anyway, thank you for the correction. I did feel confused a bit when I saw JP as the cartoonist…..

      What lovely Mother /Kid relation. 🙂

      Give your Mom my best.

      Have An Awesome Week.

  5. Hi, happened that I wanted you to hear that I have added your site to my bookmarks due to the gorgeous website style. With that said, truly, I think your site has one of the smoothest layouts I’ve happened across. It honestly makes the blog simpler to read.

  6. I hope you dont mind
    and I hope you’ll be kind
    That I use your poem
    In lessons not at home
    but in school
    coz i know its cool

  7. Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on the video to make your point.

    You obviously know what youre talking about, why throw away your intelligence on just
    posting videos to your weblog when you could be
    giving us something enlightening to read?

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