Spring Comes Next!

You Yell,

You Blow,

You Tell,

You Grow!

You are hurt, lost, things are getting worse than what you have expected, you feel WORDLESS. It seems like the world has turned upside down, everything about you is wrong, and you feel so alone.

Don’t blame yourself. Don’t try to find excuses by making another soul suffer. Face the circumstances, let things die down, and wait for the inspirations and the turning point to arrive.

It is normal to be rejected, it is okay to feel blue, it is wise to learn from your experiences, move on, and let the failure or discouragement to remind you what’s ahead, how to eliminate similar errors, and cook up a better strategy in order to enhance your chance of success.

Sometimes you simply have to step back to see the boundlessness of the sky.

Something great or better may come out of your experience.

For example, Hillary Clinton lost her presidential nomination during 2008 campaign, many people teased her, some left her and leaving her in great debt, and the rest criticized her or even celebrated her loss.

As you see now, she did not simply whine, blame, and give up her desire to serve the country.  She grieved for maybe only one night, then she came out and launched her new campaign by supporting her opponent Mr. Obama.

My point is that life gives your pains, adversities, and losses for good purposes. If you are aware of the regular change of the season, you know after long, icy, bitter cold winter, spring is coming next.  Mrs. Hillary Clinton’s case shows you that you have the power to turn things around, and you can win eventually in another way around.  I bet she is happier and better suitable for her State of Secretary position.

Believe me, life has been fair to everyone. You are the creation of the Goodness, and as long as you keep your faith in life, you will prevail.

A new opportunity may be awaiting for you, accept the life you have, cherish what you have now, wait for Your Time, you are doing just FINE!

PS: This morning, I visited Val (see her link: http://www.valbrussell.wordpress.com/) and found out that she is distressed by a rejection of her submission to a publisher…I am inspired to write this piece and share with all of you, do you feel the same when you lost you job, failed to have children on your own, or got denied by someone who disagree? This post is for YOU.

Please feel free to click on the above link and read Val today, if you could share some of your experiences or insights regarding similar manner, then you have Made A DIFFERENCE in life of others.  Commenting either on this blog or on Val’s blog are greatly encouraged and appreciated.

Thank You! Have A Smooth Sailing on First Tuesday of 2010. You Deserve The Best!

Better way to visit Jingle’s blog: use http://en.wordpress.com/tag/jingle/, thanks a zillion!

46 thoughts on “Spring Comes Next!

  1. Hello:

    Some of you said that you have difficulty getting to my blog,
    here is a link which will lead you to my blog and also enable you to see all my previous posts. Thank you. Please feel free to click on this link and bookmark it for your future convenience of visiting Jingle.


  2. hello friend, everything you said in your posting is true, you have to move on, you cannot dwindle on every disappointment in life, otherwise your nose would be to the ground always, very wise writing today, thank you…

  3. You always have the right thing to say. Very positive! I will remember your words as I try and finish my synopsis- then on to really finishing the actually novel. Everyone gets rejected standing back up is the hardest part, but it give back one hundred fold worth of positive energy.

    Thank you for you words.
    Gerardine Baugh

    1. Hello, Gerardine:

      Thank you for the positive review of my post. I know you always have the expertise and courage needed to survive, and best wishes on your novel publishing!

      You are welcome to come here, as always.


  4. Hi Jingle, Thank you for all your kind words and for sharing my site with others. The book which was rejected, was born in a place that was as degrading and low as a human being can get. I will explain in another post this week, but just know, you are a special person and you are doing good things here. Very good things for other people. hugs

    1. Hello, Val:

      I just want to make you see that you are not alone, every published author has been rejected many times before they succeed. I am glad that you got two of them over you place so far, I mean Gerardine and Sheila.

      everyone needs help sometimes, it does not cost me anything after all, my pleasure to do for YOU if you feel better upon this moment.

      ‘HUGS” back, a pat on your back, good night.

  5. Thank you for stopping by and your gracious comments. My head and my heart thank you. And yes, not getting what I want (or think I want) use to be the trigger for me to use all sorts of unhealthy, destructive tools. It took me time, practice, letting go, falling down, getting back up and doing the next right thing. I am, sometimes, a spiritual two year old and boy, can I throw a hissy fit if the Universe tells me no. But I am learning to listen, to meditate, to pray and to accept that I might just not know everything..go figure..

    I look forward to reading your blog in the mornings with my coffee!


    1. Dear Namaste:

      Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.
      In reality, it is difficult to let go and accept denial, we frown and shiver, but with healthy mindset and better knowledge of the situations in life, we can kick the ass of those barriers set in front of us, simply say, “I will be just FINE” with this, …

      Smooth Sailing, 🙂

      wishing you a fulfilled day ahead.


    1. Dear Julia at Easy Eco To Go:

      Thank you for the agreement, you are such a lovely pink, I am excited about your visit. 🙂

      Come back again.

  6. Hello Jingle I surely will bookmark your site and I did so enjoy your post,a lot of times we tend to let our circumstances push & push us,but we must remember that Jesus came to give us abundant life and we must keep moving forward while trusting in him to enjoy this abundant life,God is so good and I am so grateful! Thanks for your visit’s to my place.

    1. Good morning, Pat:

      Thank you for the sweet visit. Yes, We must trust the Lord with his job and enjoy what life has to offer, even if it means it costs sometimes…

      I am grateful for everything I have too, by counting my blessings, I feel good and
      I appreciate your kind remarks here.

      Take good care.


  7. Good to discover your positive blog!
    I try to keep upbeat in blogland, since the real world can be difficult.
    I’m a writer by trade so enjoy reading what others have written.

    1. Good morning, Elizabeth:

      I feel humble to receive your compliment. glad that you take the time to join in and leave a cool note.:)

      hope to see you often here.

      Have An Excellent Day Ahead.


  8. Jingle:

    Inspirational, kind, helpful,
    Speaker of truth
    Conveyer of goodness
    A living sunbeam
    Reaching tender fingers
    To those in need
    Of a helping hand.


    1. KJ:

      You always light up my whole sky when you step in with a beautiful verse.
      Thank you for the encouraging WORDS.

      Have An Elegant Day!


  9. Hi Ji ..what was not meant to be .. would not have helped – there’s a reason to be somewhere else, to adjust your thinking before moving on – sometimes we don’t learn these things til later in life – unless we have a good mentor to guide us.

    2nd best sometimes can be 1st best, if it makes you happier, it’s easier to deal with .. more support etc ..

    Your English and the understanding of our way of life is very good …
    Bye for now – Hilary Melton-Butcher
    Positive Letters Inspirational Stories

    1. Dear Hilary:

      My English is never as good as your fellow Americans, but, I am trying hard and feel very grateful for your kind remarks and sincere attitude. 🙂

      Feel free to come in any time.


  10. Wow! read some of your posts and you are an extremely talented writer. you have a way with words. thank you for sharing and take care.

    1. Hello, Kiki:

      Welcome here, your WORDS of approval is greatly appreciated.

      Thank you for the admirable kindness.

      Have A Day As Shining As You Personality.

  11. Spring time is coming and the sky will turn blue for many of us again.
    A time to reflect is good, but looking forward and moving forward is much better.
    All the Best!

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  17. Aw, this was a really quality post. In theory I’ d like to write like this too – taking time and real effort to make a good article… but what can I say… I procrastinate alot and never seem to get something done.

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