Keep The Nature of WORDS Beautiful

You love The Nature of Mother Earth, you make efforts to keep it from getting polluted, abused, or destroyed.

Have you ever thought about The Nature of WORDS, or The Landscape of WORDS, and attempted to protect it from getting damaged, misused, or polluted?

While you admire the physical world and its spectacular wisdom and beauty, but you may not have enough time and energy to actually travel all those places or attractions and snapshot all the amazing views you see. With modern technology, you can space travel via internet and most importantly, you spend majority of time soaring online scanning places and locations that may interest you. What you read will impact your review and , as a result, you make next vacation destinations based on what you have experienced previously via visual tools.

Take blogging for an example, you make friends by visiting blogs, the presentations each blogger provides will either dull you away or keep you coming back for more….no matter what kind of blog you stop by, the blogger must have written WORDS purely, if not, written expressions must have provided to demonstrate or explain videos, photos, poems, or book reviews on foods, pets, humans, and the universe. WORDS are applied everywhere, in the colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, black, purple…

White plain WORDS almost have the same power as colored words.

WORDS of doubting, accusing, attacking, teasing, bullying, or bullshitting is deconstructive.  Nobody wants to read a post that threats and mistreats the visitors, NO one wants to support WORDS that show cruelty, coldness, disrespect, and carelessness. Not everyone enjoys WORDS that whine, yell, mislead, confuse, litter, or illustrating selfishness and isolation.

To build a First-Class world in literature, you, I, they, we must work together to stop the WORDS abuses and promote WORDS EFFICIENCY, WORDS WISDOM, WORDS POLLUTION FREE, …

You know WORDS well, you can control the usage of WORDS so that the world of reading, writing, and communicating is more enjoyable.

Keep The Nature of WORDS Beautiful!

PS: Words-words-words-words…> , words form a sword, WORDS have power on us, you must learn how to manipulate WORDS to gain control in life, SWORDS are also powerful, a surgeon with a scalpel could save one’s life or do vital damage to an important organ. Not everyone is a surgeon, but all of us has the power to manage WORDS that could serve to heal, or hurt. WORDS of encouragement help people keep HOPE alive, WORDS of nature walk paint a view so that you talk a tour in the scene, and enjoy the beauty of nature through the writer’s point of view.

Q: Which one is more powerful, A WORD or A SWORD? Why?

Please feel free to share your thoughts, thank YOU for the involvements in making blogging and verbal communications a better experience.

26 thoughts on “Keep The Nature of WORDS Beautiful

  1. Once again, you share words of wisdom, positivity, and intelligence. Thank you for sharing this, Jingle, it is so correct that words should be considered before delivered.
    As for your question, what is a sword if not a word? It would not be used if words were not spoken, would not save nor endanger if words did not interfere.

    Keep posting,

  2. “the pen is mightier than the sword” this was very clever,I wanted more, you are so philosphical and right, words say more than anything, every word paints a picture, this was really enjoyable, and THANK YOU for the wisdom and reading my long short story lol u are very kind…

    1. sharp, smart, and smiling response,
      I am glad that this makes more sense to you than the post previously.

      keep your wisdom shining!

  3. Words. The very reason I chose that as my blog title is to keep it simple and without hidden meanings. Words do such damage and you have written such an important piece that should be a reminder to all writers. For me Jingle, I just write the truth as I have experienced it, but I do weigh those words and their impact. It’s my vocation and to do anything other than this is at the very least unprofessional and at the very most irresponsible. I leave other writers to decide for themselves and hope they write from a place of respect and honesty. You continue to amaze me with your awareness of those things that are not apparent to most people. Jingle, you be cool my friend, you be very cool. 🙂

    1. Dearest Val:

      You are the one who is cool enough, care enough, and adore me enough to come and give me round applauds, what a first-class cheer leader YOU are to ME, I won’t be that confident until you tell me that I am doing simply okay, …

      Glad that WORDS have been your blog title, which represents one of my center interests toward the world.

      You Are The Most Amazing Person in the World.

      Bless your soft heart
      from Jingle “HUGS”

  4. Ooh, good question. Words of course. I always tell me girls to choose their words carefully because whatever they say can’t be unsaid. Not that a sword can’t be unswung but words can be just as painful as a stab wound if used in a harmful way.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    1. Aliceson:

      Thank you for the reflections.
      I like your way of teaching your daughter about the cautiousness of using WORDS.

      Have A Sweet Evening.

  5. “White plain WORDS almost have the same power as colored words.” That is so true, Jingle. Words paint enormously powerful portraits. The merest brushstroke of word can alter the meaning of the whole painting. Attention to detail and the intent therein cannot be overstated.

    Words build or break. Yes, they can be swords. Let us build each other up with words that heal and encourage.

    BEAUTIFUL post!!

    1. My Precious Jannie:

      Your optimism is cool, so cool that I see light, love, and laughter everywhere you go, I follow you. With your enlightening WORDS and UPBEAT attitude, I believe that we can certainly build up A MAGICAL KINGDOM OF LANDSCAPE OF WORDS,
      where pain, tears, fears, lies, and weeds no more exist!

      What a remarkable response.

      With my best due respect
      JIngle 🙂

  6. Hi Jingle!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your blog is AWESOME! I love writing, and I agree that words are so powerful. It’s always a good reminder to me. This was a beautiful post. I look forward to reading more!

    1. Hi, Babe:

      Thank you for the compliment, you must love reading too since you love writing,
      what a pleasure to get to know you.

      I love your blog too, it is ENTERTAINING.

      stop by again, 🙂

  7. Words have power. God spoke the world into existence with words. (John 1:1)

    Words can build up and words can tear down. Still it takes TWO people to communicate. One can say the nicest things and if the other thinks they sound false, there is still no communication. I think using words full of honesty, integrity and sincerity will get one further than flattery.

    1. Quilly:

      Good point.
      flattery is serious between teachers and students in educational settings, yet, among peers, sometimes it is simply the icing on a cake, YES, it takes two to make the communication workable.

      I like the WORDS of honesty, integrity, and sincerity part.


  8. So well said. Words are very powerful. They can soothe or they can cut. They can calm or they can scare. They can heal or they can hurt. We need to use our words properly and with care.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I love meeting new people through blogging and I am so glad to meet you. I hope you will visit often.

    1. Hi, Jane:

      It is so nice to see you smile your way here and make a contribution.

      Your attitude is elegant!

      I will see you when I am free.

  9. Words are a dangerous thing.
    Easily mispronounced, misunderstood,misused, mistreated.
    Giving people enough time to think through what they want to say, will help make the world of words more beautiful.
    Thinking before speaking words, will do so too.
    To a happy natural world of words!

  10. I am stricken by the way you embraced this topic. It is not often I come across a website with interesting articles like yours. I will bookmark your feed to keep up to date with your upcoming updates.Just striking and do continue up the good work.

  11. If people only spoke or wrote what others wanted to hear, there would be no positive changes in this world. Change is not always enjoyable. Life is not always enjoyable. Words are not always swords when they speak a truth that is not comfortable. Words only represent concepts. Words in themselves have no power, the power is in the idea and intent behind the words.

    And that power scares some people.

    I think the world is a better place for having all of these words. Colored or not. Yelling or not. Some people think any adjective is name calling. Not always. It can simply be the best descriptor and a description is not always positive. Nor should it be, since none of us are perfect.

    I was in a meeting one time with a very powerful person. We were trying to tell her how the principal had bullied us and other parents. She just kept saying that we were calling him a name and calling someone a bully was name calling. A bully is a bully. I can think of no other word and I can think of no positive description of that man. Instead of hearing the intent, she focused on a word to try and sidestep the problem. In the end, she became the bully.

    Words can sooth, yet I don’t want a steady diet of calm. Words can encourage, yet I want to see things with the blinders off so that I can look deeper sometimes.

    Words frequently have to be said over, and over, and over because it takes 100 repetitions to learn a new skill. To hear a statement you don’t want to hear can be learning a new skill.

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