See How Math Is Employed In Words With Its Worth!

Suppose A stands for 1%, B represents 2%, and continue like this, we have ….X implies 24%, Y means 25%, and Z is 26%.

Thus, we have this mathematical formula to work on and with trying to view how we live our lives in order to get a perfect score, 100%.


A B C D E F  G H I J K L M  N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

be indexed by numbers in percentage as

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26

Now, we have


18+1+7+5+6+18+5=5=65—> 65%



4+9+12+12+9+7+5+14+3+5=80–> 80%













Wow, if your goal is to be perfect of 100%, then Being Rage Free is NOT ENOUGH if you don’t study or work at all, Being Diligent is GOOD, while Hard Work is GREAT. Hard Work and Aptitude can help you get close,  but you never fully reach it.

Attitude is 100%, which is the ideal tool you need in life to arrive at your destinations.

Bullshit may blow you away and

what do you think of the word


19+15+12+9+20+21+4+5=___?–> ____%.

please add these numbers yourself, find the answer, then tell everyone about your insight or conclusion by saying:

Solitude is________________.

Thank you in advance.

For more advanced readers or math fans, you can try



Discover FUN in these computations and wordings.

Math is cool, How about you?


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36 thoughts on “See How Math Is Employed In Words With Its Worth!

  1. Solitude is 105% and therefore impossible…impossible to live your life without the influence of others, so let them in, and see what happens…

    Another nice post, Jingle, you do impress me…
    Thanks for adding
    Rainbows to my rainy skies
    Sparkle to my teary eyes
    Laughter to my sadder days
    Happiness in a thousand ways

    Keep it up, and thanks for making me laugh with this clever post! You are clearly a very impressive, interesting individual!

    1. Dear KJ:

      It is my pleasure to get to know you.
      Your WORDS of Beauty flow
      with glow
      like water, it helps me grow
      and grow…

      Smile, have pride, and celebrate! 🙂


      1. Dear Jingle,

        You have,
        The ability
        To clone,
        A feeling of joy
        Inside me every time
        I read a message,
        Poetry and rhyme,
        Giving me a feeling of
        Contentment and pride:
        Happiness inside

        Thank you
        For your generous
        hope, and
        the birds…

        ..the birds that fly free
        With my heart
        As I read your talent
        And write my soul.


    1. Quillay:

      I am glad you use the similar method in math teaching, awesome discovery on my side.:)

      I am excited about your notes, “HUGS”.

      Enjoy a joyful day.

  2. KJ:

    Show your link for others to follow,
    if you are a diamond,
    you shall glow,
    if you are gold,
    your value shall be told.

    I have high gratitude in you and for what you do.


      1. KJ:

        I got to your site and commented 2 or 3 poems you have written, please click on MY DASHBOARD UNDER YOU blog account and check your spam box, for some reasons, my comments end up there and you can take them out by changing the comments from spam to not a spam…thank you.

  3. Jingle:
    Thanks for pointing this out to me, those comments were invaluable, it would have been a tragedy to lose them.
    I hope you see the response,

    1. KJ:

      I hope that you have a great evening ahead.
      thank you for filling me with compliments and smiles,
      it is not that our work matters, it is that you positive attitude that connects souls and remove resistance built in…

      fly free,
      be happy!

      1. Jingle:
        Thank you 🙂 Have a great day today (and always).
        You’re welcome, for the compliments are the truth, and the smiles I’m just glad I could give.
        I admire your ability to be so thoroughly positive; you inspire me to fly free as you ask.
        Thanks again,

    1. Gerardine:

      I am glad that bullshit makes you laugh, life is short, why worry and frown that much,
      laughter is the best medicine, it is good to your health and it settles you in a smooth flow of mood…
      glad to see you in:)

      have a fulfilling evening.

  4. lol now u have me mate, my weakness Maths but you make it sound very interesting, u clever person you, another fabulous post wish everyone was a spositive as you friend..I have just this very moment published my first short story called THE BIGOT, on my new short story blog, if your coming grab a coffee lol its a long one hehhehe..

    take care friend..

    1. Thank you for step in and make a good case,
      I will take a trip to your place in no time,
      I am happy that you have widened your interest in writing and
      have been utilizing your time more wisely, more nicely, and more effectively..

      enjoy an excellent evening.

    1. Hello:


      Over-dosed love never hurts,
      Thus I give it to you,
      wishing you flying through
      and be cool! 🙂

      Val, I wanted to see you fly, be on top of the world, make more than 100%.

      1. Jingle, you are without a doubt a truly outstanding human being and I’m so happy you came to my blog and let me discover your world. HUGS

    1. Kelley:

      It is pleasant to see you dive in and brighten up my day.

      Yes, attitude is everything, a positive attitude.will win respect and tolerance.

      Keep inspiring!

  5. Where did you find all this formula? Really impressive. I can only follow the first few and the rest cannot already. My mind is exhausted looking at all the numbers and letters.
    But will save the post for reference. Really nice post. thanks.

    1. hello, CK:

      On the bottom of my post, you may find two links, my inspiration comes from the first link, there are 26 English letters, you match them to numbers from 1 to 26, then when you do words, identify each letter with a number and add them up, is just humor in math, we want to have FUN…
      thank you for the question, check out the other link in my post, it has many COOL math games…

      see you soon.

  6. Hey, I found your blog while searching on Google your post looks very interesting for me. I will add a backlink and bookmark your site. Keep up the good work!

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