Dogs Can Take Vacations At A Shopping Mall

In the past five weeks, I have visited blogs with blogger who own dogs and have them as part of their writing component,

for example, my very first and very dear blogging friend Gerardine Baugh

(see her link at )

always has her dog Uriah with her when she takes her daily nature walk, she has Uriah as part of her writing named My Walking Path almost every single day,

and to see a picture of Uriah, you can visit William Manson’s Williams’ Poetry Blog

(a poet, see his link at,

I also enjoyed visiting blogs with blogger who have their beloved dogs pictured on their posts, humans and pets together, great humanity is created because these people’s love for their dogs.  Blogging site with dogs in their post are illuminating, here are two examples:

June Malone


Sheila’s blog:

Amy’s blog:

Today I share seven (7) Dog Haiku about dogs with you, enjoy!


Dogs can be big,

Dogs can be small,

Dogs can take vacations at a shopping mall.


That chubby


Is happy.


I am a dog

Who can doggy walk

On sidewalk.


Home alone,

I answer the phone

With my barking sound.


As a hunter,

The dog stalks the woods

With wonder.


If you are new,

I will bark at you

and bite your shoe.


When a gift comes in mail,

The dog will not wail,

But wiggles his tail!

What do you think?

Dogs are great pets, but they mean differently in different families.

From your perspective, dogs are________________.

Thank you,Enjoy A Happy Doggy Day!

Please feel free to visit other blogger mentioned in this post, including those who have left comments here.

34 thoughts on “Dogs Can Take Vacations At A Shopping Mall

    1. Hello, Martha,

      glad to hear that your dogs are loving and fun,
      you must be the same, like owners, like dogs 🙂

      thank you for stopping by.

    1. glad to meet you, June,
      this second day of 2010…

      You are right, dogs are awesome company to enjoy,
      have FUN and see you later.

      jingle 🙂

  1. awe thanks Ji for the mention how kind, yes this was stunning, well written.I have been an animal lover since I was born and like Gerardine my dog goes everywhere with me, soon I will post a poem I wrote about my dog a few years back, u will also see her pic.. thanks again this was awsome….

    1. I cannot wait to see your dog and her image,
      thank you for sharing,

      have an awesome evening,
      with your dog, and your family members.

  2. From my perspective dogs are…

    Great when not puking on the carpet.
    Loyal and loving.
    Snuggly and huggable.
    Dear and precious.

    We have 2 of those creatures. I’ll for sure be posting pix of them soon!!

    1. Good evening, Jannie:

      You are rich in WORDS when portraying your loved two dogs,
      I am glad that you plan to put them on the show,
      I will include your link when I post another 7 dog Haiku within a few days,
      stay tuned…

      I always feel very happy to see you in,
      happy 2010,
      Jannie, my dear.

    1. Mimi,
      how sharp and quick you are,
      I am excited to have you with me at the moment:)

      yes, your link will be on next time I post Doggy Haiku,
      it will be within a week,

      come back soon.
      friend, I like your name!

    1. Dear KJ:

      Thank you for the words of encouragement,
      Have A Productive Sunday!
      I admire your work and your bright spirits. 🙂

      Take care.

  3. Thanks for sharing us in your blog today. I do love my Timmy dog he is an important part of our lives.. Have a great Sunday..

    1. Of course, you do, they are part of your family, I believe.
      Thank you for the note,
      it is nice to meet you this morning, Yaya.

  4. You have a most interesting blog with lots of very thoughtful posts. I wanted to let you know I stopped by. This is such a creative post! I need to take more time to really absorb some of your other posts as well. ~Jeanne

    1. Good day, Jeanne:

      Thank you for taking the time to read, ponder, and get something useful out of my posts. You seem like a Jingle like person, come back any time to read, think, reflect, and share with me and other readers.

      Hope that you enjoy an awesome evening.

      Happy 2010,
      Smile all over again! 🙂


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