What Can You Control?

Not everything in the universe can be controlled.

No matter who you are, where you live, and what you do for a living, no matter how hard you try, worry, think, predict, or calculate, you cannot stop the time from flying by, you cannot keep the days sunny all year around, you can not predict when your good forntue will arrive, and you have no idea what other people think of you unless they tell,…

What can you control?

There are things you can do to make peace with the environments you reside.

By mowing your lawn regularly, you show your neighbors that you care, you are organized, and you have good plans in your housing management. By going to work right on time or ahead of the time, you tell your boss and coworkers that you take your job seriously, and you know the importance of getting a project started and done in timely manner. By dressing to impress, dressing for success, you demonstrate to the world that you respect yourself, respect your job, and deserve the same respect from those around you.

All these things you do is for you to live a life with a sense of order, you are in good control yourself with your fair conducts and manners, you have confidence, and you live for NOW with admirable self-management skills.

Your thoughts, your attitude, and your response to what’s happening in your life are those items you can control, at least you have the option to work on maintaining a secure and peaceful mindset. When you have ordered thinking to support the functions of your heart, body, spirit, and emotion, you are in control!

2009 is history, tomorrow is future, what you have is today, today is “the present”, a gift that is given to you from the Divine.

May you live for TODAY to its fullest!

What can you control?

What do you plan to do to make improvement in order to better yourself and your life?

I wish to hear from you, Happy New Year’s Day, Day One in 2010!

Thank you!

35 thoughts on “What Can You Control?

  1. Here is my own response:

    I can control the appearance of my blog, with the premises that I am limited to choose from available sources…:)
    Plus, I can control the content of my blog,
    Apology if this is what in your mind as well,
    repeated answers are allowed.
    thank you in advance and HAVE A FUN FINE Friday!

  2. happy new year friend,,,

    very interesting indeed, what can I control??? wish I had the answer to this complex question, and wish I had the power to control man, to stop fighting, love one another and let nature be, alas I cant so we need to educate people, children and generations to come….

    what can I do to improve yourself or your life??

    just be who you are, dont pretend to be someone or something you are not…

    excellent Ji….

    1. Honest, very sense-making advice and thoughts.

      Way to go,
      Be oneself,
      Be happy

      Thank you for the good-willed heart.

  3. Ahhhh, control. In my job working in mental health, how many people struggled daily because they wanted to CONTROL EVERYTHING. It reminds me of one of my favorites, The Serenity Prayer:

    God grant me the serenity
    to accept the things I cannot change;
    courage to change the things I can;
    and wisdom to know the difference.

    I hope to continue my efforts to balance maintaining control and reasonable order in a household full of little munchkins, while accepting that they are young and do not have the same abilities to control their own behavior that we do as adults.

    1. Good evening, Sunny:

      Thank you for sharing the Serenity Prayer, they are authentic WORDS of WISDOM,
      sometimes, it is nice to let go, let god do his job, and remain ordered positions…

      yes, you will have your hands full with naughty cute little munchkins, they will learn and accept the way you raise them,…siblings do love one another and the younger ones get inspirations from the older ones.

      You bring a smile to my face with your pleasant presence!
      have a graceful evening.

  4. Happy New Year to you too!

    I vow to let go of some of the control this year, and finally let myself realize that I can’t do everything! And I want to approach the things I can control with excitement and a positive attitude!

    1. Hello, Staci A:

      It is such a good feeling to see you jump into my screen,

      I am sure you have the ability to manage things in wiser, smarter, or funner ways,
      sometimes we have to give up part of our dreams in order to have access to other dreams that excites us the most…:)
      Yes, positive attitude is the key, everyone wants to be recognized, when you praise and give instead of scold and demand, you will be rewarded and have your wishes granted without a fight…

      Caring is sharing, sharing is loving…Good luck
      and wishing you a smooth year.

      see you next time.

  5. I can control some of the things I say “yes” or “no” to and I plan to say “no” more often this year so I have more time for my family and myself. Life gets too hectic and I bring a lot of it on myself when I commit to too many things.

  6. With control there is the responsibility that goes with it – I pray that what ever area I agree to “control” that I am ready for the responsibility that comes with it.

    1. Right you are,
      responsibilities take a vital role along order and controlling.
      Thank you for the wise comment, Starla.
      Happy New Year.

  7. What a great post!! Sometimes it’s so easy to blame others or circumstances for things that happen in our lives, instead of taking responsibility for them and controlling our selves.

    1. Thank you, Audrey.

      Hope that you have a productive and joyful in the year to come.
      Great thoughts of yours reflected here.

  8. Thank you so much for your very kind comment at Picturing the Year!

    Although I cannot control many things I will try to be more in control of my own health as that is something my sister felt deeply about…will try to control what I eat and how I exercise as I think about what is good for me….

    1. Awesome thoughts,
      be in control of one’s health, mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally will be everyone’s ultimate goal.

      I appreciate your input
      and have a Great Day, Gail!

  9. Sometimes, I feel I don’t control anything… 😉 But I’d really like to be more controlling of my own life and destiny in 2010. I’m sure I’ll find some inspiration on your blog along the way!
    Happy New Year!

    1. Good morning,

      Thank you for the sweet visit and encouraging remarks.

      hope that you live 2010 to its fullest,
      your site is always refreshing to me.

      take care, young lady.

  10. Love the way you started off the post…It kinda of made me curious ..The comments too are so interesting. we obviously can’t control time thank goodness..but we can choose(control) what we do i.e mow the lawn and so . So for this New Year my wish is to make use of my time constructively at all times. Great Post 🙂

    1. Hello, Fatibony:

      yes, use your time constructively is a smart way to gain control,thank you for the approving words.

      take care and enjoy a happy new year.

  11. Great post!
    My cat can control the population of mice in our house. As for me, nothing, outside myself. I can only control how I feel and what I do.

    I need to finish an assignment that is due on the 14th of this month.
    One thing at a time.

    Wonderful and thought provoking post!

    Have a great day, week and year.

    Gerardine Baugh

    1. Thank you for the astonishing words,
      yes, go back to your project, and do one part a day, and in the end, a beautiful puzzle will be formed under your sharp eyes and admirable hands.

      have an excellent time
      day in, day out,
      monthly, yearly, for good.

  12. We can control our own thoughts but we cannot control the thoughts of others. Thoughts manifest and become reality through the desire and action of those who want to make it more than an idea. Once this happens, it is nearly impossible to put the genie back in the bottle and control belongs to no one. There is much to be said for prudent thinking. Happy New Year Jingle, I wish you a great deal of peace, happiness, joy and prosperity. hugs

    1. Hello, Val,

      I am so happy to see you fly in and drop your wisdom of thinking and living for all readers to learn and share,
      your argument or reflections are quite accurate and sense-making,
      I truly enjoy your level of logic and reasoning 🙂

      I appreciate your heart-felt wishes and
      “HUGS” back to you,
      happy new year,
      my dear.


  13. I believe we have control over our reactions/responses. We need to train ourselves to not run on the moment’s first reaction to have full control. The rest is generally an illusion of control. But like a rollercoaster, it is a fun ride. Happy New Year!

    1. Hello, Jamie:

      You impressed me by your unique yet convincing view of control, very different from Val and anyone else, yet your words add to our discussions as they are, extraordinary!

      thank you for sharing your wisdom with me and readers of my blog,
      it is a priceless gift from the Heaven to have you thoughts shown.

      sweet dreams.

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