It Is A Matter Of Attitude!

Facing the Divine,

Recall everything you have done:

Does it put your mind in ease

After you fight and win a hard case?

Does it make you a better being

When you choose to find happiness by getting even?

Does it fit the Goodness’ name

When you earn money and fame

By opting to accuse, hurt, or blame?


I don’t think So!

You can keep rumors from spreading?

Or stop the stock-market from falling?

By being wise, nice, and loving!

You can choose to give instead of receive or gain

And build close bonds with those in pain

By helping, healing, and

Handing them the prizes you win!

It is a matter of attitude,

It has little to do with your aptitude.

No one shall live in vain, together, after

Passing the year of 2009,

We will try as best as we can

Not to live in vain


Please fill in the blank by sharing something you have done in helping others. Thank you!

This is inspired by Emily Dickson and is linked to  Poetry Pantry at Poets United

37 thoughts on “It Is A Matter Of Attitude!


      I admire your intelligence and open mind tremendously, because when you stay calm, appreciate other people’s work, you have gone beyond the Lord’s expectations!

      Thanking you for being a star
      that leads the way
      so that
      I observe, and enjoy you
      from afar!
      take care, Jannie.

    1. Amazing sheila,
      You paid attention to my question,
      I am very fond of your answer,
      smiling at a stranger, isn’t that how we get together to swimming pass the 2009 ?

      Have A Sweet Evening, You Deserve it:)

    1. Yeah, Hope that you stick with me all through 2010
      until I say, Happy One Year Anniversary, Jingle!

      Glad that you dive in and care enough to share your thoughts.
      Have A Peaceful and Inspiring Evening, Gerardine!

  1. “being as uplifting as Ji” thats my line and you have…. THANK YOU, for all your kind comments on my poetry, my public page and my family pictures, you really are a breath of fresh air, as well as talented you are a very kind person, May 2010 extend your kindness to others and get it all back in abundance…

    1. To the coolest man in blogging world:

      How impressive your response is, your words of wisdom will lift me up and keep me floating until
      the clock strikes at 12:00, or 0:00 of January 1, 2010 and through….

      what a perfect gift your friendship is,
      You simply amaze me with your incredible patience, ocean wide openness, and 100% pure golden heart!

      Keep me and others in your life posted about your unbeatable talents in poetry and in handling human relations:)

    1. Hello:

      Thank you for the brilliant wishes,
      Hoping that you smooth sailings in blogging, learning, and working.

      Sweet Dreams.


    1. Hello, Kelly:

      I enjoy your words of approval, I feel like grinning from ears to ears to see the innocent and uplifting smiles on the faces of you and your child.

      Your visit has brought me joy and warmth.
      Have A New Year Filled With Laughter, Enlightenment, and Love.


  2. Trying to learn English more and more, day by day,
    I do approve this line.

    I did not read Emily Dickinson when I post my question, people share similar feelings and sentiments all the time, thank you for the questions.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Nice to see you, jessiecarty,
      hope that you are well know from the flu…

      Have a Creative and productive evening. 🙂

    1. Agree,

      Me too, I will try to make as many people happy as possible.

      have a jump start at 2010, Nicole. 🙂

  3. Hi. JP Blogger’s Mom here. He shared your blog site with me – LOVED your 2010 poem. VERY inspring indeed.

    My submission:

    We will try as best as we can

    Not to live in vain

    by assuming good intentions of others and the positive outcome of any situation — even those with aspects that are very challenging.

    Live well in 2010.

    Sarah Beaty

    1. Dear Sara Beaty:

      How lovely your attitude is, I absolutely agree with your response,
      extraordinarily amazing,

      Yes, when we make positive assumptions about others, we invite friendliness and at least not negative reactions, life is more enjoyable when we appreciate one another for who we are and how uniqueness both challenge us and keep us attracting and admiring…

      I am honored that you and your friend like my blog, welcome, any time and
      let me know your thoughts …:) 🙂

      take care,

    1. Hello, Pink Links,

      I am excited to hear that you love WORDS.

      I will do a post on WORDS today,
      feel free to come back and have a say.

      thank you for the nice remark.

  4. Nice Jingle and agreed..attitude is up to us and it makes us who we are and how we live…bkm

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