What Do You Think Of Water?

Water can form a pool

To keep you cool;

Water can be the steam

To power the train along the stream.

Water becomes the tears

When you weep over life’s fears;

Water is the dewdrops

When you audit and learn lessons in life’s workshops.

Water sacrifices

When bitter coldness force it into ices,

Water can be the flood

That bullies your souls!

Water enables plants grow

When warm sunlight melts the snow,

Water can be plain

To keep thirst from hurting your brain!

Water is here,

Water is there,

Water is everywhere

For you to enjoy, and


What do you think of water?

Water to fish is air to human, water exists in our lives everywhere and all the time, if you could describe water using one sentence, what would you say!

Let’s say Thank you to water, let’s pray for water to appear as useful resources instead of disasters such as floods, hurricanes, or tornadoes and so on.

Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you!

20 thoughts on “What Do You Think Of Water?

  1. WOW Ji love the new look….. excellent befits your character… water, well we cannot survive without it, although some get more than others, should not be used as a tool to “sell” should be a natural source available for the whole world…

    loved this HAPPY NEW YEAR and thanks for being my friend….

    1. Hello, Dr. William:
      glad that you have no objections to the fresh look of my blog.
      it is always a delicious treat to see you wonder by
      and get me high
      with your witty reply.

      wiggly, giggly, happily, friendly
      we will make it through
      and continue
      in 2010!
      Happy new year, I appreciate your friendships!

  2. Yes,definitely saying a big big beautiful prayer for life-sustaining joyful water, a gift in all it’s forms on this exquiste playground we call Earth. Beautiful reminder, thanks.

    1. Marvelous Jannie:
      I think your response is fundamental and absolutely FAMOUS!
      You have No idea how much I have enjoyed responses such as this, all inspiring, all profound, and all PRECIOUS!:)

    1. No, I never lose anything by changing appearances.
      Water is life for sure,
      Thank you for the comment.
      Happy New Year to You too!

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