The Infinite Sequences on Knitting and Writing

I have enjoyed visiting several Knitting Blogs ever since I started blogging on November 28, 2009. Now after 31 days of writing and blogging, I have strong desires to think and wonder about knitting and its implications in writing…I brain-stormed WORDS that could describing Writing and Knitting, now I am ready to share my insights with you:

Knitting Is:                                                                                                                  Writing Is:

weaving                                                                                                                         wording

dreaming                                                                                                                       developing

sharing                                                                                                                            succeeding

designing                                                                                                                        discussing

counting                                                                                                                          connecting

making                                                                                                                              producing

measuring                                                                                                                        organizing

wishing                                                                                                                              hoping

contributing                                                                                                                      teaching

pleasing                                                                                                                             entertaining

listening                                                                                                                             imagining

hooping                                                                                                                             growing

giving                                                                                                                                 doing

painting                                                                                                                              programing

changing                                                                                                                             learning

caring                                                                                                                                   composing

loving                                                                                                                                    preparing

communicating                                                                                                           orchestrating

…                                                                                                                                              …

_______                                                                                                                       __________

Do you have any words in mind to make it continue? Help me keep the sequences on knitting and writing going to infinity!

Knitting and writing are similar in many ways, if you knit, you write also, if you write, you knit in WORDS instead of in WOOLS.

Wow, Dear friends,  Happy Knitting! Happy Writing!

31 thoughts on “The Infinite Sequences on Knitting and Writing

  1. hello Ji……

    knitting is expressing , art, watching the face of the recipient getting a gift of hard worked tapestry…..

    writing is, fruitful, academic, expression, personal….

    is that enough, excellent write as always friend….

    1. Dear Gentle man:

      You are amazing when doing these activities, an expect, know things much better than me:)

      Keep teaching me, keep making me smile!

    1. You are right, I could not tell the differences when thinking about both, knitting is working on Wools, writing is working
      on WORDS, but both activities are abstract thinking related…

      It is such a surprise to have you over, it is snowing outside,
      wishing you a safe ride while traveling 🙂

  2. Expressing, coupling, being. I don’t know the first thing when it comes to knitting, but I imagine it is much like writing where you put a piece of your soul into everything you create. In a sense it is a part of you.

    1. I agree, you are totally in it when you knit or write for the ones you love…

      Very accurate descriptions from you, Amy!
      Glad that you are here.:)

  3. I couldn’t think of anything for a while, but I’ve come up with “Knitting is blocking, writing is publishing.” Or maybe writing is editing. Kind of the final steps before someone else sees the work of art.

    1. Thank you for the unique response.
      Would you mind explain what does blocking mean to us?
      you mentioned something very important, writing can be revised as many times as possible, but knitting almost done once for all, agree?

      Thank you for the participation:):)
      have a great evening, Beth!

      1. Blocking is steaming or washing/drying the project to a finished size. You are right about knitting being done once for all. With blocking, it’s possible to make things a little different but not much. For example, I just made a scarf for my mom. By blocking it, I was able to stretch the scarf to make it a little longer.

      2. Thank you for the detailed explanations about blocking on knitting, Beth, your example is perfect to make me fully comprehend the meanings in the WORD of “blocking”…

        wow, you are actually outstanding writer in addition to your excellence in knitting, Jingle is very blessed to have a friend such as you,
        please feel free to come and go,
        comment when you think it is appropriate.
        Happy New Year!
        Beth Dear!

  4. Hi Jingle!

    I like the comparison between knitting and writing. I agree with you that in knitting, you use wools, or yarn. In writing, you knit in words. But both of them are creating works of art. Both of them are about letting out something from within you so that others may enjoy them too.

    1. Littlepieces2009:

      How cute you look to come in and show your agreement with me
      it makes Jingle jump for JOY:)!
      Both knitting and writing allow us share part of us with our friends, loved ones, and those we care for sure.

      Again, glad to have you in with me:).

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