A Poem Is Invented…

A poem is invented

By the experiences that inspire,

By the heart that beats,

By the words that matter,

By the love that evolves,

By the doors that open,

By the gifts that are given,

By the laughter that rolls,

By the fingers that dance,

By the boat that sails,

By the leaves that quiver,

And by________________!

Fill in anything in my mind to complete this poem, have fun, everyone! Thank you all for the wonderful comments and curious visits!

Enjoy a day filled with inspirations, motivations, imaginations, and satisfactions!

29 thoughts on “A Poem Is Invented…

  1. “ones hearts desire”

    love this friend, a kind of poetry puzzle with no answer, it could be anything, thanks for allowing us inside your poetry writing..

    you may wanna check fingers that stroke…

    take care and thanks for ALL your kind remarks on my pictures and poems.. you are deeply appreciated..

  2. the love in our livers!

    lol, first thing that came to mind. I read somewhere that the Elizabethans believed the liver was the source of all emotions, not the heart. Also, it rhymes with quiver!

    Also, just want to say thanks for your comments on Phantasma! I love them all!!

    1. what a surprise to see you here.

      hope that everything is fine with you and your baby..
      will hop to see you myself 🙂

    1. Agree, you see, everyone can be a poet and everyone is capable of writing a poem…

      grab a piece of paper and write your own

      A poem is composed

      Fill in 3-5, or 5 to 7 lines, than you can post it on your blog and say:
      I can write a poem too, how about you?

      Have Fun knitting, Beth! 🙂

  3. I was going to say “the faces that smile” but saw the “one’s hearts desire” and decided that is so much better! Thanks for stopping by my blog today! So glad you liked it! And I love your poem! Beautiful!

    1. Good afternoon, Amy:
      Thank you for your joyful participations here.
      Your answer is absolutely enlightening!
      everyone loves to smile, 🙂
      See you next time!

    1. What a hit, Val!

      I love seeing your stretched arms, it reminds me of flying with thinking wings, which you have done right here.

      Jingle is very thrilled about your visit! 🙂 🙂
      see you next time!

    1. What a smiling treat to see you in, dear Caitlyn!
      And your response is

      It shows me your cute and playful mind,:)
      Have a Sweet Evening, friend!

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