Count From 10 to 1, Let the Healing begin!


10,9, counting is fun,

8, 7, after ten is eleven,

6, 5, you can survive,

4, 3, reading is free,

2, 1, let it shine.


10, 9, walk and run,

8, 7, odd and even,

6, 5, swimming and dive,

4, 3, oppose and agree,

2, 1, the moon and the sun.


10, 9, draw a line,

8, 7, dream about Heaven,

6, 5, bliss will arrive,

4, 3, plant a tree,

2, 1, everything is fine.


10, 9, hot cross bun,

8, 7, baked in the oven,

6, 5, a fork and a knife,

4, 3, charge No fee,

2, 1, a job well done.


10, 9, praise the Divine,

8, 7, smile often,

6, 5, ready to drive,

4, 3, wait and see,

2, 1, celebrate with wine.


10, 9, I am your fan,

8, 7, my name is Steven,

6, 5, do high five,

4, 3, obtain a degree,

2, 1, let the healing begin.


This poem is entered for Poetry Pantry Week 3:

24 thoughts on “Count From 10 to 1, Let the Healing begin!

    1. Thank you for the music in my ears, everyone can do it if they spend time and set their mind to it.
      Have a smiling day,

    1. Dear Jannie:

      It is such a sweet treat to have you over…:)
      i appreciate your support, you have sharp eyes and good sense of humor yourself.

    1. Thank you for the kind words, good luck on your novel writing…
      you will have your wish come true!

      sweet dreams. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. We seem to be circling each other; I visited Poets United from your list of writing communities, and then I saw a poem in the list with a title that matches a line in one of my poems (taken from a song by blues master E.G. Kight). And then I learned it was a piece written by you. What a small world.

    I love your counting rhythm; it works so well for your piece!

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