Banana Muffins (A Treat for You)

Today is December 26, 2009, I ate Banana Muffins for breakfast, I describe them using my Five Senses so that you can have some ideas of what I have enjoyed today.

Banana Muffins

Taste like Cinnamon Toast,

Look like Sugar Cones,

Feel like Teddy Bears,

Smell like Cotton Candies,

Sound like Yummy!

Banana Muffins are ________!?

Can you fill a word in the blank? Use your five sense and be creative, have Fun!

Thank you for soaring by!

16 thoughts on “Banana Muffins (A Treat for You)

  1. love.

    Banana muffins ARE love.

    I can smell them, you know? All hot and good, with just a thin crisp crust on the outside. Heavenly.

    Wait –heavenly — that’s my word for this!!!

    1. Exactly, my old kid Sheng made it yesterday, all hot, fresh, sweet, and yummy…

      Well, Heavenly and love both work perfectly,
      You are double smart:)
      Happy Holidays!

  2. …driving me crazy with hunger after reading this poem. Mmmm… you’ve made my mouth water and started a fierce craving within me. Now, I’m going to have to make a trip to the store and pick up the makings for banana muffins.

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