Count From 10 to 1, Double Your Holiday Fun!

Let’s count down until Christmas day!

10-Ten poles, Ten holes;

9-Nine chairs, Nine pears;

8-Eight ducks, Eight trucks;

7-Seven games, Seven names;

6-six dolls, Six rolls;

5-Five hoses, Five noses;

4-Four trains, Four stains;

3-Three chicks, Three tricks;

2-Two jars, Two cars;

1-One computer, One commuter.

Count it once,

Count it twice,

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1,

Double your holiday fun!


Poets United (Thursday Thinking Tank: Family)

20 thoughts on “Count From 10 to 1, Double Your Holiday Fun!

  1. A fun game for all, would be great for the kids to practice and realize just how much fun christmas is, lovely, and thanks for all your kind comments..happy holidays friend…

    1. Thank you for the visit and kind hints. I don’t write down my blog address when I visit blogs supported by, thus I don’t know what happened, people thought that my correct address should be, which is my original intended address, but I entered the other one, and no way to change, thus you are right about my correct address.

      When I visit blogs at, if it is the first time, I leave my address just in case they wanted to visit me back, I don’t type my address if it is the second time I visit the same place.

      I appreciate the incredible tolerance of you, and many other blogger, thank you all for the kindness, open mindedness, and encouragement.
      Happy Holidays to you all!

  2. FYI – the link from your name in my blog comments brings me to jingleyanqui instead of jingleyanqiu. You may be missing some traffic because of that.

    And thank you Jingle, for the kind words.

    1. the support misspelled it, I am sorry for the trouble…because of this, many of my friends told me that they are blocked from visiting my blog, it is an error made unintentionally.

      thank you for the wisdom and sharp eyes.

  3. Jingle, if nothing else or until you get this straightened out, go ahead and register a blog under the incorrect name. On the front page of this blog, redirect folks to the correct address and blog. Just a suggestion.

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