I Am A Rabbit With A Hopping Habit

Haiku about bunny rabbits or hares:


I am a hare

Who is fair

And Willing to share!


It is not funny

For a runaway bunny

To have alcohol in its tummy!


I am a bunny

That is sunny

And Funny!


More wild than a rat,

I am a rabbit

With a hopping habit!


No matter when, or where,

It is unwise to compare

A bunny and a hare!


My ears are long and flat,

My eyes are red,

Sunrise is the time I go to bed!


Stalking around your neighborhood

With carrots as my yummy food,

I feel sorry for my jumping mood!

I appreciate your support and wishing all of you a graceful day ahead! Thank you again! 🙂

A link to Rabbit movie, enjoy it!


12 thoughts on “I Am A Rabbit With A Hopping Habit


    loved the springy feel of the poem as I read it, loved the graphic as well, your writing is becoming very familiar to me and I enjoy coming here to see whats new, off course I have a way of telling lol coz I have u on my bloglist so if u post I see it.. HAPPY CHRISTMAS..

    1. Thank you, sweet Julie. I am very happy to see you here.
      Take good care, and Happy Holidays, my friend.
      You are the best! 🙂

  2. Beaming bunny on a book
    Caught on a hook
    By the poems, jingle cook.

    those were pretty nice works up there jingle! interesting character!

      1. pleasure is all mine! 🙂 why dont you continue writing on the bunny. probably it would turn out to be a funny and popular character?

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