Find Out How Devine You Can Be!

If all the principals

At all of the schools

Could turn all their teachers

Into orchestra conductors,

Then all the students

In all of their classrooms

Would perform their pieces of art

Musically and cheerfully, with No Disasters!

If all the parents

In all of the households

Could express their concerns and worries

In humor and laughter,

Then all the children

From all over the world

Would succeed their studies, and

Live happily ever after!

Life is an illusion, only a person as wise as you, can lift the fogs that bar one’s view to see the truth.

Life is better lived because of your courage, providence, and penetrating insights. Not everything is meant to be a mystery, not everything is supposed to be difficult, nothing can be claimed until you conclude it is, you are the rule of the game, you can make a difference the way you can never image!

Stop torturing yourself! It solves No problems at all!

Stop doubting your ability! You can always learn and get it!

There is a good reason to all sadness, madness, and pains! You are not the only soul who feels trapped, wronged, misunderstood, misled, fallen, or hurt! Without darkness, there will be no joy of seeing the light of hope. Without struggles, there will be no discovery of genuine friendships, realizations, and inner strength.

You dream about adventurous life, you hunger for a land of plenty, you wait for a time of bliss! All these desires decide all the obstacles in your way.  And you are given opportunities to overcome these setbacks, detours, barriers, and sufferings! Once you have gone beyond the time and space, you become a better being!

Remain the course! You will be there! Your day will arrive! when you prevail, your names will be recorded in Heaven, and you will find out how divine you can be!

Magpie Tales

43 thoughts on “Find Out How Devine You Can Be!

  1. Hi Ji…

    Thanks for your visit and comment on my Michael Jackson poem yes he was a great man and thank you for your kind comments.
    I loved your poem and the philosophy behind it, the poem at the start was as smooth as a babys bum lol in reading it and I can say that coz I am a dad lol, the rest of the piece was informative and well written.. take care friend…

    1. You are welcome here anytime.
      My day is brightened because of your good intention and uplifting encouragements! Hope that you enjoy a pleasant evening!

  2. Don’t know what you got till it’s gone.

    I think a lot of people are playing this game these days, and one day, maybe not too soon – everything is different

  3. Came through OSI to read somthing on the prompt angel.. well your post actually talked about creating angelic environment.. how befitting.. enjoyed here..

  4. If all the parents/In all of the households/Could express their concerns and worries/
    In humor and laughter,/Then all the children/From all over the world/Would succeed…

    Jingle – that sums it up perfectly!

  5. A wonderful attitude, although I think I’d draw the line at trying to attain divinity.
    I especially like the part about parents and children.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  6. Powerful words, wishes and dreams for the road ahead… Such depth, such tender thoughts, yet dashes of stark realities thrown into the mix. Wise words my friend, wise words.

  7. Loved and totally in accordance with the attitude and positivity in this one, Jingle!
    Delightful and WOW!! 😀
    Keep rocking, my dear…

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