The Balance Between “A Little” And “A Lot”

Bizarre  title, isn’t it?

Did you ever notice that you have been using A Little and A Lot all the time without acknowledgment? Today is A Little AND A Lot Day!

Let’s do this a little and do that a lot!

Whine a little, Praise a lot,

Write a little, Read a lot,

Network a little, Care a lot,

Ask a little, Give a lot,

Talk a little, Listen a lot,

Lose a little, Win a lot,

Wonder a little, Think a lot,

Sing a little, Dance a lot,

Assume a little, Research a lot,

Judge a little, Observe a lot,

Dream a little, Document a lot,

Here a little, There a lot,

Today a little, Tomorrow a lot,

I a little, You a lot!

A little and A lot are very fond of each other, do you agree?

To celebrate A Little AND A Lot Day, add your own line ___ a little, ____ a lot by commenting, feeling free!

Thank you and have a Fine Fun Day!


18 thoughts on “The Balance Between “A Little” And “A Lot”

  1. lol this was good, a lovely little factual piece we go throuhg on a day to day basis, made my night reading this cheers mate..I have put a link to your blog on my blog….

  2. I was a lot surprised to hear from you out of the blue and a little curious about how you got to my blog. You asked if I was in Australia. No, I live in Oregon, but just got back from a trip to Hawaii. How did you make your way to sannasbag?

    1. Hi:

      I clicked on your link from someone else’s blog roll, that’s it. Your flying fish sign made me curious about your blog, I hope this answers your questions!

      Happy Wednesday! Appreciate your visit!

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