Oh, Yeah! You Are The Master of The Show Here!

Let your imagination fly

Way up high

to the boundless sky,

And don’t be shy

About why

Not Bidding goodbye!

Set your dreams free

Either beyond the Milker Way,

Or below the bottom of the sea,

And please agree

to count 1 2 3

Before you take shots of what you see!

Let your spicy desires

Set the universe on fires.

Hear the birds sing,

Imagination is the wing.

Oh, Yeah,

You are the master of the show here!

I hope that everyone is having a day filled with relaxations, entertainments, and satisfaction!

Stay Safe while doing holiday shopping and Smile Sincerely when you feel happy, reassured, and energetic!

8 thoughts on “Oh, Yeah! You Are The Master of The Show Here!

    1. No secret, it is my goal to achieve. If I am not positive, why should my readers? Thank you for the surprising visit! 🙂

    1. Hi, you are always my dear and trustworthy friend. I appreciate your words of kindness and open mindedness.

      Hope that you fly far with the wing of your cute imagination!

  1. hehhe u have a wild imagination just like me, I love how your words flow freely making the reader gasp for more..Thank you? sorry dont know your real name and I am sure it isnt Jingle lol, for popping over to my blog AND commenting it is greatly appreciated….

    1. race, gender, age, background are or could be barriers to some readers. Not everyone as wise as you, thus I appreciate your tolerance and kindness for allowing me to be Jingle.

      You teach without being preachy, I am more or less obvious about my intention…glad to learn from your cool techniques!

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