How Do You Define Friendships?

Your choice of friends is very important to you, it reflects your judgment and illustrates your personal taste, life point of view, attitude, and goals about life. Friends are more like equals, friendships are mutual and are supposed to be healthy!

I describe my understanding of friendship as











It would be very interesting if guest visitors of this blog could join in and comment on your unique definition of friendship, we are all different, but we also share something in common.

Let’s call it Jingle’s Universal Friendship Club List!

No charge, no rules, no deadline! I will visit you easily after this list is complete and I know who you are out there. You become a member by commenting to demonstrate  friendship using words different than mine, if you come in late, you will have harder time to think of words that differing from all previous entries.

I know all my friends both in real life and online are better individuals who care about others more than I do…Let me know your intelligence and wisdom by responding to this posting! Great Fat Thanks In Advance!!!

19 thoughts on “How Do You Define Friendships?

  1. Jingle,

    Yes, this is interesting and will become awfully challenging for those who are not able to visit first in line….. In case you haven’t noticed yet, I’m one of those who uses a lot of words to say one simple little thing…. You did not specify how many words each visitor should use, so the more words the first people use, the more difficult it will be for the rest…. I will kindly limit my words, even though there really are many, many more words to describe a good friend……

    For now I will describe friendship as…


    Now I’m already getting carried away and I promised to give others a chance…. Maybe you other guys can find synonyms that will help add to the list….. Have you got a thesaurus?


    1. Smart girl, yes, I shall say, 9 words, each word starts with a letter from the word friendship, did you notice that when you read my list using only first letter, it says FRIENDSHIP!

      Yes, you have another chance to do it, or if you disagree with me, I will keep your original one!

      Thank you for being my very first and rather dear friend!

      1. Jingle,

        Oh my!….. You are one tough cookie!…. That means only three of my words were acceptable….. But, here I humbly and properly submit my new list of “Friendship” words:


        Now I pity the late-comers. 🙂 Oh well…


    1. Excellent job, I mean those two mighty ,brave and extrememly funny girls upstairs! I present you two

      Bravest Word Bankers of the Day!——For Gerardine and Margaret

      More AWARDS coming, for those who dare to tackle this challenge!

      By Jingle December 06, 2009 1:33pm U. S. A. Central Time

      Print this out and post it on your wall 🙂

    1. Hello:

      Nice try. The requirement is 9 words, each word starts with a letter in friendship such as F R I E N D S H I P,

      I will offer cues so that you may choose one from my sets under your wish, I admire your courage to try.


      F-words: Fruitful, Firm, Fit, First, Free, Fantastic, Fulfilling, Fabulous,

      R-words: Rose, Rainbow, Rise, Revive, Resourceful, Reachable, Reasonable, Royal,

      I-words:illustrate,intelligent, Illuminate, Imaginative, Innocent, Influential, Impressive

      E-words: Energetic, Encouraging, Easygoing, Educational, Embrace, Empowering, Enhance, Educated

      N-words: Novel, New, Naughty, Nimble, Noble, Notable,

      D-words: Dear, Diamond, Divine, Delicate, Delicious, Dream, Darling,

      S-words: Sweet, Special, Splendid, Satisfactory, Sunny,

      H-words: Honest, Heroic, Hilarious, Lively, Lifelike, Honorable,

      P-words: Pink, Purple, Poem, Poetry, Poet, People, Palace, Paradigm, Proof, Powerful

  2. LOL, I’ve never been good at these games. When I was a kid, I stay clear of these type of puzzles as I always failed, LOL. I’m good at some things but this is not one of them. Crossword puzzles are not something I even attempt anymore.

    1. it is not that you are not good at these, it is because you did not pay close attention to it. Please relax and feel good about your effort.

      You are the Winner of The Most Wonderful Friend!

      Use words fom my clues freely if you decide to try another, otherwise, it is good that you have a beautiful five words on file!

  3. Very fun! (apologies if I repeat a word, my brain is officially AWOL this evening. >.<)


  4. Jingle Thank you so much for my award you are so kind and I am so honor to have you as my friend. Love Vi

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