Math Is Cool, How About You?

I Remember when I was in second grade, my class went to market place of the town with everyone carrying a small abacus,  we were given unit price and the number of items assuming to buy, then each student was asked to calculate the total prices for each item, using multiplication method with our abacuses, I was the fasted to arrive a conclusion with correct answers most of the them. the math teacher was very impressed, and that made me smiling all the way back home.

As the subject becomes harder, I started to like some other subjects such as Transitional Proses,  Poetry, English, and Chemistry.  Chemistry is my strongest subject in High School because I found myself very good at solving chemistry problems during big tests. In general, students are given certain clues and required to figure out the substance implied in the problems. It is like finding solutions to riddles, I always wrote out all the give data on my papers and use logic and math skills to get a my answer. Mathematical thinking skills played a big role in my ability to excel in Chemistry, only those who have good patience, fast computing ability, and flexible analytic skills could stand out,  I am grateful to my early experiences and trainings in math.

Not being confident enough to major in math, and not really being  interested in becoming a professional in Chemistry,  I finished my college with a degree in Materials Management Engineering and got a job in power management company.

After coming to the U. S. A.,  I got a degree in Elementary Education  and in Pure Mathematics, and learned various math teaching and learning strategies. I realize that teaching mathematics is what I have always enjoyed in the past years, and it will be something I plan to continue doing  rest of my life.

Many people don’t enjoy this subject, they believe that they have No talent in it, which is not true. Math is learn-able and could be very fulfilling once you get it! I love math the way it is! There are creative ways to help students at all grade levels to master the concepts.

About five years ago, when I started to teach college freshmen Pre-Calculus, a little verse jumped into my mind,  and I have written it  down on board for my students, most of them liked it. and now I share it here,  you may replace math to anything you like most.

Math is cool,

If you know the rule;

Math is fun,

If you are its fan;

Math is tough,

If you don’t study hard enough,

Math is cool,

How about you?


I love comments and new ideas regarding this special subject, if you have interesting stories, memories to share with me and my guest visitors, please feel free to comment on the link below, for those who don’t have a blog URL, please use the web-page address of your current school, institution, or company to enter.

20 thoughts on “Math Is Cool, How About You?

  1. I know a recently minted Ph.D. in mathematics. The only parts of her dissertation title that I recognized were “The,” “set,” “of,’ and “in.” I am a history person. Yet learning algebra did improve my reasoning abilities, so I like math.

    1. thank you for making your opinion known here, I like the 4 words you mentioned in your friend’s thesis, I am amazed about the courage you have by looking at her work…:)

      Great comment!

      hope to see you soon!


  2. You have come a long way, your parents must be very proud.
    Your students are lucky to have you as a teacher.

    I have been writing for fun, since I was eight years old.
    Math never seemed to stick in my head, no matter how many times I was told that numbers don’t change.

    Gerardine Baugh

  3. I understand, God gives your divine heart, thoughtful thoughts, and imaginative creativity in writing and caring for others, that is enough…

    Thank you for sharing and sweet dreams, excluding math for your sake.

  4. Jingle,

    Your second grade teacher was a very good teacher…. Taking the class to the market was a good way to retain the interest of the students and show them that math is needed in every day life…. You have remembered that second grade experience for years now, so it made a good impression.


    1. Margaret:

      It is always pleasant to read you. Yes, math is everywhere, profits, incomes, tax returns, interest rates, the unit price you pay for your groceries, and college tuition are things everybody cares most, they require mathematical thinking skills to have positive results…

      I know many Americans believe that they don’t like math or may not good at it, but everyone could be good at it if math teachers integrate real life experiences with math teaching,….many are doing great, others are improving…

      Thank you for coming over and wishing you a fantastic Saturday!



    1. Sorry to hear that, from my experiences, either you did not meet a math teacher who fits you, or you are especially gifted on something else, like blogging and caring for others….name a few!
      I applaud you for speaking your mind!

      I am not a top mathematician, thus we are almost the same.

      come back again.

  5. Jingle,

    Nice post. You made a good point here by claiming that Math is learn-able and very fulfilling. I believe that many folks in America hate Math only because their teachers in earlier education, especially in elementary schools, suck at teaching the kids how to appreciate the art. (You have a very excellent and practical teacher there ^.^ , and btw, I master the multiplication table at 3 y.o, thanks to my mom, mwahahaha) American truly need more excellent teachers for lower levels of education.

    1. Hello:

      Thank you kindly for your compliments! You are trying to be nice. From my point of view, America is unique in many ways and the uniqueness separate the country from at least 100 other countries. Be proud to be an American,
      because other way around, it could mean that elementary education focus merely on scores and numbers, while children are young and need to develop their viewpoint in more natural way…In my native country, parents push too hard and kids may be good at math, but no ability to survive unexpected hardships or behave too mechanical. There may be a good reason that many people prefer to have American education, human natures and physical adaptations seem better preserved…

      i agree that you make a strong point, I am not professional enough to judge in national sense and could only speak from my point of view at a very personal level.

      Hope that you be proud of yourself and enjoy an Extraordinary Weekend!

      Your open mind is always as precious as gold!

      1. Hi again,

        You have a good point about the difference in Math education b/t U.S. and your home country. So far, I’ve known 2 type of Math teaching: the traditional way (teacher lecture for all the time and students do HW)- call it A, and a more, lets just say “innovation” way (students and teacher both engage in group discussion, and the student actually RE-invent the stuff themselves)- call it B. Clearly, both have their own pro and con. For A, the teacher has an easy time to prepare the material, has full control of the classroom, and can cover more stuff. On the other hand, B is harder to the teacher to prepare stuff, short on time…

        However, the fun fact is, for A, students tend to forget everything RIGHT AFTER THE FINAL, yet in B, the knowledge can linger for a while ^.^ For A, the student take a passive role, desperately trying to reach up to the knowledge which, to them, exists in a higher realm. In B, student then have the feeling that they can create Math by themselves (Just like God creates the universe ^.^ God thinks hes Mathematician)

        Since I’m just a n00b in the vast field of Math, I’d like to hear from you, from the viewpoint of someone with a degree in Math Education, about this topic. Which method are you using in your class?

        And yeah, have a good weekend. May the Force be with you ^.^

      2. Hello:

        I never lecture all the time, I heard students telling me about someone else who did that, writing everything down on board without caring the feedback or reaction of the students.

        In my class, I do lesson plan ahead of the time, for example, when I plan to teach college algebra students graphing skills using Ti-83 calculator, i will write down how many skills I can do in one class period of 50 minutes, in general, I teach them to graph 1: a polynomial function, 2: find the relative maximum and relative minimum, 3: find derivative at a given point, 4: do linear regression, 5, graph absolute value function…

        I write down detailed steps on a piece of paper and practice them ahead of the time, also with students are notified via email about my plan so that they have their Calculators ready with them…

        I demonstrate using projector in classroom, one step at a time, then before move on, i come to students and check on them one by one to make sure they get it, write down steps so that they remember to practice on their own when do homework, ….Thus I opt B method.

        I always pay individual attention to every and each student in my class, thus almost everyone feels encouraged and helped, and I post detailed solutions to quizzes, exams, practice exams, and go over chosen materials in class when do review so that important topics are covered…Always stop, or pause, walk to students and check on them one by one, also, I call students names to ask them whether or not they understand what I am doing on board, from the students side, they won’t fail me because they know any time i may call them, thus they pay close attention to me…i make sure every student is treated fairly by calling them one by one, if no time to have all called, I will make sure that those will be called during the next class period…
        Thank you and hope that you know what I did!

  6. My experiences with math were postive, straight A’s until this year. Our teacher this year though…. she’s not a good teacher at all. Therefore, my grade has dorpped. But oh well=] Your words are very strong, and I look up to that. I see that is one thing we have in common. Which is pretty cool.
    ~May your life’s path be enoyable,
    Amber Dolly

    1. Dear amber Dolly;

      It is excited to hear that you are doing great on math. both students and teachers have responsibilities on the outcome and hope that you keep up your excellence.

      stop by anytime and wishing you a pleasant weekend.


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