Be True

I am through with being rude,

Because it does me NO good;

I am finished with floating around,

Since it does damages to my background;

I am done with pleasing everyone,

The reason is simple,

I don’t always have fun;

I have enough of running into a blind valley,

Tigers and snakes are barring me from continuing my journey!

It’s time for me to rise above

the ordinary stuff

so that I am rewarded with authentic love

and become intellectually tough!

Did you see

and agree?

sometimes we need to be little bit selfish

in order to focus on what we could accomplish;

if you admit me a wish,

then I will have to narrow down my desires,

be true

and be specific

in order to catch the fish!


Poetry Potluck (Beaches and Mountains)

19 thoughts on “Be True

  1. Wow! This is very poignant. Every poet has a different style, which infuses the words in their poems with life, music.
    With the love of your father, education and family, your poetry will surpass your imagination.
    This line, “sometimes we need to be little bit selfish” is very true
    Beautiful words- wonderful writing!

    Gerardine Baugh
    My poetry Path (in progress)

    My Walking Path

    1. Greetings:

      When you appreciate someone else’s work with genuine interest and impressive wit, you have reached the stars around the Mars.

      Grandest wishes for your success in future poem compositions and other career ambitions!

      You are the best.


    1. Trisha,

      Life has many lessons,
      one learns,
      it may not make sense to young people, but it costs to be too stubborn sometimes.
      thank you for reading it.
      you are very sweet and thoughtful!

    1. how not to be a people pleaser?

      say things opposite of what you say, keep everyone away…

      just kidding!

      it is a matter of politeness.
      we have to respect and give individual space to people, of course, we may disagree, but we can never force or impose our opinion to others, thus, we say positive things, to please others…
      which is cool not that bad, better than say negative things, agree?

  2. hey,

    this so cool, loved your work.
    the topic urged me to have a look at it. (not knowing it was your poem) 🙂

  3. Belatedly here for potluck, Ji. But so pleased to arrive and to such a piece as this. There is always such good wordplay from you and a core of wisdom and common sense (really unCommon!), that it becomes a real treat. Nice work. Thanks.

    I like the discussion of “rising above.” 🙂

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