Banking With Words

Do you collect words in purpose when you read? Have you ever thought about becoming rich in words? Do you know that when you write and speak, the words you use show your style?

I believe that most of you have reading journals, probably the reason you keep a journal is simply, you want to keep track of your reading history. if you have no objection, beginning today, keep a reading journal for the purpose of depositing words in your word account as well!

I enjoy reading, I have so much fun jotting words down and play with them. For words that are flat or extreme, I put them down and label them! However, for words that delight and amuse, I place them down and remind myself to revisit them whenever I need to write a thank you note or give a report. It makes a huge difference in other people’s life as well as in yours when you know the rope of banking with words and invest them in practice.

You want to make people feel good about hearing from you and you will get it.

Be aware that people prefer freshness, thus it is important to update your word account on daily basis and form a hobby of it.

To expand my own vocabularies, I have those words sorted out and kept in my notes:

Sample words That Sound and Rhythm (be cautious when use words that have strike-through):

wink, blink, pink, think, ink;

glow, grow, show, know, blow, below, low;

top, pop, hop, mop, flop, stop, shop;

grace, trace, place, race, face, pace, lace, faith;

blind, mind, find, kind, grind, hind, behind, mankind, wind;

grand, band, and, stand, sand, understand, land, hand;

wise, rise, sunrise, size, prize;

nice, price, twice, dice, rice, twice, mice, disguise;

good, mood, wood, food, understood, childhood, neighborhood;

Teach, peach, beach, reach, preach;

fetch, stretch, hatch, match, attach, detach, research, search, snatch;

bitch, witch,

dream, cream, beam, team, scream;

fame, game, lame, same, fame, frame, tame, blame, shame;

rich, pitch, switch, niche;

cool, wool, pool stool;

handsome, awesome, gruesome, troublesome;

well, tell, shell, bell, sell, excel, hell, spell, smell, yell;

best, rest, chest, guest, test, crest, nest, request, zest, vest, worst;

precious, delicious, cautious, obvious, curious, gracious, ambitious, anxious, conscious, unconscious;

marvelous, nervous, wondrous, humorous, jealous, furious, frivolous;

enjoy, joy, soy, toy, boy, destroy;

whistle, twinkle, special, sparkle, sprinkle, wrinkle, winkle;

page, cage, stage, wage, salvage, engage, sage, bandage, age, rage, savage, sabotage;

Sample words That Carry Similar Meanings (be cautious when use words that have strike-through):

novel, new, fresh, entry level, beginners, newcomers, recent graduates;

real, true, authentic, genuine;

facts, evidences, records, nonfiction, experiences, proofs, truth;

fake, false, untrue, fiction, unreal, lies, whoppers;

What do you think? Contribute to my word counts if you have some more in mind!

10 thoughts on “Banking With Words

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m a lover of words too. I believe they are fundamental to what we know as “sentience”, that our knowledge of ourselves and our universe is a function of our ability to describe it.
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Hello;

      Thank you for dropping by. I am happy to know that I am not alone and I will stay with word research activity until America and India join as one!

      Words matter, words count, and words are alive in diverse ways and words could haunt and hurt if we are not careful about their functions…

      Stop by any time and take care.

      Always, your uplifting spirit is precious!

  2. You know, I’m not a collector of words, I am a collector of images as a visual artist. I have images in my head, I have a near close photographic memory. I cut out beautiful bits and pieces in magazines, etc. I also keep a longhand “written” journal as well. I also I write my more personal struggles there as opposed to here. I do agree with Craig T. above in that words do hurt and words do destroy. I am going to try this exercise and see what happens. As always, you are certainly uplifting and inspirational. Thank yoo! (yoo–that was on purpose!)

    1. Hello,

      Thank you for the beautiful feedback, if you do such exercises, you will or may experience some growing pain,
      keep working on it,
      you will shine like a diamond. 😉

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